Vilnius, one of Europe’s greenest capitals, invites you to go outdoors in spring, but the kind of Vilnius you discover is up to you. Take a short personality test: answer the questions below and create your own unique itinerary of springtime Vilnius. Abundance of blossoms, green nature, art in open air, old town from different points of view, a cup of coffee in hand and cold beetroot soup on your plate; Vilnius invites you to wake up from the winter stagnation and go on your own adventure.

Sakura trees or rhododendrons? 

In spring, Vilnius blooms with its brightest flowers! The most anticipated event of spring is the Sakura tree blossom. It’s impossible to miss them; the first picnics and romantic walks of spring take place under the Sakura trees. A selfie in front of the Sakura is an almost obligatory spring ritual. The fragile beauty is mesmerising and a reminder of the rebirth of nature. For those who get up early in the morning, the reward is an exceptional shot of the Sakura trees at dawn, but the view is spectacular at any time of the day. Learn more.
When the Sakura tree blossoming is over, it’s time to head to the VU Botanical Garden in Kairėnai and admire hundreds of brightly coloured rhododendrons. Nestled in a cosy pine forest, the rhododendron is the pride of the garden, so when these flowers bloom, you’ll be treated to exceptional views. 

Active leisure in the city or in the nature?

After a long winter, it’s time to get moving! Not only the birds return to the city in spring, but also the city’s shareable bikes and scooters. Discover the city coming alive or just clear your head. Try discovering Vilnius on foot. If you miss the sounds of nature, Vingis Park is the perfect place for active recreation, with its fresh air and fun activities. It’s within walking distance of Vilnius Old Town, but feels like a whole other world.  Rollerblades, scooters and resort-like velomobiles will take you on new routes in Vingis Park. 
Maybe you are ready to begin the spring even in a more active manner? Challenge yourself this spring and take on a 100-kilometre trail around Vilnius. The changing scenery of forests, meadows, hills and streams will give you a break from everyday life. 

Art by day or by night?

When spring is in full swing, staying indoors seems like a waste of time. So Vilnius invites you to discover art not only in museums and galleries, but also in the open air. The Open Air Gallery is open 24 hours a day on the site of a former factory. The exceptional creations of street artists from all over the world located in an urban environment will make you think. Come by day as well as by night as the art installations glow in different colours then. Visit Literatų Street 24 at any time of the day and you’ll feel like you’re walking through a romantic art exhibition. On the long wall you will find more than 200 art installations for the world’s writers and poets. Can you find a dedication to your favourite author? 
However, art in Vilnius is not confined to the walls; artworks are scattered all over the city. In Vilnius Tech Park, you’ll be greeted by the striking primordial creatures of Donatas Jankauskas-Duonis. You’ll also find inspiration wandering around the modern Paupys neighbourhood, where an ever-growing open-air art gallery of exceptional Lithuanian artists  is located. Away from the centre, the impressive sculptures of Mykolas Sauka greet you in Viršuliškės Forest Park. 

Old Town rooftops or courtyards?

The painted rooftops of Vilnius and the winding streets of the Old Town look very different from above. Climb to the top of the Three Crosses Hill or Gediminas' Hill for spectacular sunset views that paint the rooftops of the Old Town gold. Head up to the bell tower of St John’s Church and you’ll have the Old Town in the palm of your hand. And if you want a bell ringing view of the city, climb up to the Cathedral bell tower; you’ll not only see Gediminas Avenue, but you’ll also get a closer look at the special bells. 
But even if you don’t try to climb Vilnius’ highest towers or hills, there’s always something to surprise you. Visit the Glass Quarter and nose around the cosy courtyards dating back as far as the 15th century. Once the home of Jews, a mecca for glassblowers, craftsmen and the city’s goldsmiths, the Glass Quarter still radiates a special aura today. Hidden among the city’s main streets, the quarter still attracts jewellers, local artists and craftsmen, as well as their shops and workshops.

Coffee outdoors or on the roof? 

When the weather warms up, coffee drinking takes place outside. In the Bernardine Garden, you’ll enjoy the tranquillity of nature on a sitting bag with a cup of coffee. Sitting at the Neris Embankment Café by the Mindaugas Bridge, you’ll not only enjoy the view of Gediminas Castle, but also the reflection of the sunset in the river waters. While drinking coffee in the garden of the Palace of Bonna Sforza, you will be transported back in time to medieval Vilnius. On the terrace of the café at the Subačius Observation Deck, you’ll gaze out over the rooftops of Užupis as if you’re in a movie. 
But if you want to open up a new angle of vision, Vilnius Rooftops is open to you! Step onto the roof terrace of the Opera Social House and you’ll have a panoramic view of the rooftops of the Old Town and the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, and if you stay longer, you might be drawn into the dance vortex. Cozy up in the Neringa Rooftop Bar and leave the hustle and bustle of Gediminas Avenue underfoot for a view of Vilnius from above. The roof terrace Pink&Yellow lets you see Lukiškės Square from a different angle and admire the green Spring. Discover Vilnius cafés and terraces with the best views in the city.

Pink soup on a plate or on the wall?

Cold beetroot soup is the caller of warm weather in Vilnius. This cold pink soup makes tourists shake their heads, but it’s not until you’ve eaten a plate of it that spring really comes. You’ll find them not only in restaurants dedicated to Lithuanian cuisine, but also at practically every corner.
Cold beetroot soup is so close to the heart that it is even the subject of works of art! That’s why you can eat cold beetroot soup with your eyes. You can see the works of artist Eglė Žvirblytė in the Bernardinai Park courtyard and in the open gallery next to the Loftas Art Factory.