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Open Gallery

In short

This unique open-air art gallery is a long-term interdisciplinary project and cultural initiative that presents urban culture in an original way and creatively revitalizes the post-industrial New Town. The initiative seeks to present creative alternatives to traditional art forms, such as paintings on factory walls, installations, sculptures, performances, and non-commercial film screenings. At the same time, Open Gallery encourages Lithuanian and foreign artists of different fields to cooperate with each other.

Brief History

Open Gallery is a project belonging to the art factory Loftas. It’s a long-term interdisciplinary project that brings together talented Lithuanian and foreign artists for creative work and has developed into an international open-air gallery of street art, sculptures and installations. The gallery is located in the courtyard of the former Elfa factory, where the art factory Loftas is now located.

One of Open Gallery’s main goals is to revive the former abandoned territories of the city for new life, thus revealing the unprecedented face of the Lithuanian capital to residents and guests of the city. The gallery is free of charge and open to anyone at any time.

Vytenio g. 50, Vilnius 03202Google Maps

Entrance is free

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