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Social Security in Lithuania: the Basics

Lithuania has a comprehensive social security system that offers some of the best maternity support in the EU, amongst a range of other benefits and social securities.

If you are employed under an employment contract you are covered by the State Mandatory Social Insurance, with a percentage of your salary each month being paid directly as a contribution.

SODRA – the State Social Insurance Fund Board under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor.

The types of social securities you will receive

If you have an employment contract, your employer will transfer your required contributions directly every month. This means that as long as you are under contract you are covered by SODRA to receive all securities on offer. These include:
All applications for sickness, maternity, paternity, childcare, unemployment allowances, pension and accumulated pension are accepted online or in social insurance fund public offices.

Once on the website press the blue button to LOGIN into your personal account via your e.banking.

For consultations call: 1883 or +370 5 250 0883

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