Office Space in Vilnius

No matter what your business needs are, in Vilnius you’ll be able to find the office space that’s right for you. To begin with, companies established in Vilnius benefit from some of the lowest commercial rental prices in the region. And then there is a wide selection of properties to choose from.

The share of flexible office space in modern, primarily A class, office buildings have tripled in the last three years. And this trend for growth shows little sign of slowing, with major new office projects total
ing 236,100 square meters of additional office due to open between 2021-2023.

You can use the OH MAP to find all of the office and mixed-use buildings with a minimum of 1,000 square meters of office area that have been built since 1999 or are currently under construction.

If you would like to see a comprehensive overview of the projects that are currently under development or in the planning process, visit Citify Vilnius. 

Vilnius office space at a glance

954,400 sq. m

Total office space

Source: Newsec, 2022


Growth yoy of office space

Source: Newsec, 2022

19,300 sq. m

New office space in 2022 Q1

Source: Newsec, 2022

125,400 sq. m

projected new office space in 2022/23

Source: Newsec, 2022


Total office vacancy rate

Source: Newsec, 2022


A class office vacancy rate

Source: Newsec, 2022

€16 - €18

A class office rents (sqm/month)

Source: Newsec, 2022

€10 - €14

B class office rents (sqm/month)

Source: Newsec, 2022

€2.5 - €4.5

Additional office costs (sqm/month)

Source: Colliers International, 2020

Co-working in Vilnius

If you are looking for an alternative to fixed term office leases, you will discover that Vilnius is rich with co-working spaces.

Real estate agencies operating in Vilnius

Vilniaus turtas
Savas būstas
Colliers Internationl
CBRE Baltics

More Information

More Information

Enjoy the Lifestyle you Deserve in Vilnius
Enjoy the Lifestyle you Deserve in Vilnius

Take a look at how well Vilnius measures up to other European capitals when it comes to affording a great lifestyle.

Key Sectors
Key Sectors

Vilnius – a go to destination for a new results.

Costs and Taxation
Costs and Taxation

A great quality to cost ratio for your business growth.