Tourist Information Centre

Pilies 7
Pilies 7

Address: Pilies 7, LT-01123 Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 262 9660
Working hours: I–VII 9.00–19.00

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The new Vilnius Tourist Information Centre

The new Vilnius Tourist Information Centre

An exclusive Tourist Information Centre has opened its doors in the heart of Vilnius, on Pilies Street, and will become the gateway to special discoveries in Vilnius. The modern and interactive centre offers visitors a unique experience, taking them through the city's culture, history and leisure opportunities. Personalised travel planning services, an interactive presentation of Vilnius and a virtual assistant who can make suggestions according to visitors' personal preferences ensure that every visitor discovers their own unique face of Vilnius.

If you don't have the opportunity to visit the centre in person, we recommend you to buy the Vilnius Pass online, which will give you free or specially discounted access to the best museums and galleries in Vilnius, as well as to active activities and entertainment, so that you can experience only the best moments in Vilnius.

New location in the heart of Vilnius


Free Amber Tasting 

Have you ever touched amber? But have you heard its sound? Smelled its scent? Or even tasted it?

During the amber tasting, we will not only tell you about amber but also show you different types of amber found around the world and in Lithuania, as well as its various forms created by nature. With the help of a unique device, you will hear the sound of amber as it is carried ashore by Baltic waves, and you will smell its scent, which varies depending on the origin and conditions. Moreover, you will experience something you might never get to repeat – tasting amber. Don't worry, amber is not like flint, so there will be no sparks flying from your mouth.

Amber is a unique creation of nature, like a stone, yet it holds traces of life within it. Holding a 40-million-year-old piece of fossilized resin, you can feel the texture of tree bark with your fingertips. If you're lucky, through a polished window of amber, you might see a spider or another creature trapped millions of years ago in the sticky resin and preserved forever.

If you are ready to to get to know amber with all your senses, we invite you to the Amber Tasting. It will be truly fascinating!

30th of May 4 PM | Registration HERE  
7th of June 4 PM | Registration HERE  
14th of June 4 PM | Registration HERE 
21st of June 4 PM | Registration HERE
27th of June 4 PM | Registration HERE 

Free "Once upon a time in Vilnius" screening

This will be one of the few opportunities to see short documentaries about the residents of Vilnius: the film testifies to the hypothesis that a city is people, because who knows a city better than those who live, work, create, experience, visit, discover. That is why the best way to present and talk about Vilnius is through the stories and experiences of its people. From the Old Town to Justiniškės, from the African community in Vilnius to the everyday life of LGBTQ+ people, Once in Vilnius invites you on a unique journey that will make you see the city in a new way.

“Once upon a time in Vilnius” is like a chronicle of Vilnius, compiled by its own residents and visitors, and therefore appealing to a wide audience. It is a unique opportunity to show the world how Vilnius, which is 700 years old, manages to keep the world interested and relevant.

6th of June 5 PM | Registration HERE.