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Located along the Neris and Vilnelė rivers is the beautiful and bustling City of Vilnius, with its unique Old Town that combines the heritage of many cultures.

The centuries-old architecture, the modern buildings and untouched nature right in the city that makes Vilnius one of the greenest capitals in Europe create a unique harmony. The contemporary atmosphere of the city goes hand-in-hand with the stories and legends of the Old Town.

Getting to Vilnius is easy

Getting to and from Vilnius couldn’t be easier. The city’s international airport operates direct flights to Europe’s main cities, with flight times of only three hours or less. And with new routes and operators being introduced throughout the year, the city’s global reach is set to expand. 
Arrival and departure

Vilnius is only a short flight from most European destinations.

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Getting around in Vilnius

Vilnius is perfectly sized for getting around. Even if you have a house or apartment on the outskirts, the center is only a short 30-minute commute at most. The city also boasts a modern and integrated public transportation infrastructure, and you’ll find that there are trolley buses and buses connecting every corner of the city.
Transport in Vilnius
Public transport
Public transport

One of the first things you need to do when you get to Vilnius is install the Trafi app on your phone.

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Meet a Local

Vilnius Greeters and friendly locals are now welcoming the ever-growing number of tourists coming to Lithuania’s capital. Get ready to experience Vilnius from an insider’s point of view.

If you’re looking for a more personal guide, why not grab a cup of coffee or visit a museum with our friendly locals participating in the Meet a Local programme?

They can share their secrets about Vilnius with you, show you their favourite spots around the city, and give you insight into what it’s like to live in the Lithuanian capital.
City Tax in Vilnius

City Tax in Vilnius

Starting 1 July 2018, Vilnius is introducing a city tax. The tax rate is EUR 1 person/night.

The tax applies to all guests using accommodation services.

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