Conveniently located next to the Vilnius Railway Station, the Vilnius Central Bus Station connects to both domestic and international destinations.

The bus network is extensive and can be a good way to access the more remote spots and villages, especially on the Neringa Peninsula, which is one of Lithuania’s most magical locations. Bus fares are, on average, also very affordable. 

Tickets and schedules

At the International Ticket Agency you can buy tickets to Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Ireland, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Morocco, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and France.

There are a number of larger bus companies that provide bus links from Vilnius to Riga, the capital of Latvia. You’ll find that many of these buses are in the luxury bracket, and come are fitted with WCs, wi-fi and other amenities. A bus to Riga will cost you approximately €30 roundtrip and takes around four hours.

Tickets and schedules are available at the Station or online. If you are traveling domestically, you don’t even need to print the ticket; you can show your e-ticket on your smartphone.

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Trolley buses No. 12720 and buses No. 263453 will take you from the station to the centre of the city. Read more about public transport in Vilnius.