Conference Support Programme

The Vilnius Conference Support Program aims to enhance Vilnius's reputation as a premier conference destination and a hub of expertise across various fields globally. The program caters to individuals and organizations planning and coordinating multiple scientific or business conferences, congresses, forums, seminars, and similar international events, exclusively for professional purposes. Applications are accepted year-round, with a minimum 30-day advance submission deadline before the event's commencement.

  • Public or private organizations, whether registered in the Republic of Lithuania or abroad, that independently fund and take full financial, organisational, and legal responsibility for hosting a conference or business event.
  • Organisers, including agencies, PCOs (Professional Conference Organizers), and DMCs (Destination Management Companies), who represent the primary organizer (client) and can provide evidence of such representation.
  • The conference is hosted in a paid venue in Vilnius
  • A minimum of 50 participants attend the conference
  • At least 50% of the attendees are individuals from abroad who have specifically travelled to Vilnius for the conference
  • The conference lasts at least two days, with at least 4 hours of content daily
  • Only registered participants, as officially recognised by the organiser, are permitted
  • The conference targets a professional audience
  • Fairs, exhibitions, and similar events, even if targeted at professionals
  • Sports and cultural events, festivals, competitions, hackathons
  • Discussions, sessions, training, presentations, awards, or other events associated with exhibitions, fairs, or festivals
  • Private enterprise or personal entertainment events, such as festivities, parties, gala dinners, or award ceremonies
  • Events primarily focused on leisure or recreation
  • Events mandated by law for the Applicant or a third party
  • Events organized by political parties

GO Vilnius reserves the right to reject applications and deny compensation for conferences/events funded by the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania or EU funding programs.

    • Venue and equipment rental
    • Catering for participants
    • Transportation within the city of Vilnius
    • Publicity for the event
    • Entertainment services
    • Event organizer's services

    The maximum Compensation for the conference is EUR 30,000 . The number of participants, the percentage of foreigners, and the duration of the International Conference are the decisive criteria for determining the final Compensation amount.

    • The Report and proof of fund usage must be submitted electronically no later than 30 working days after the end of the conference. 
    • Along with the Report, the following documents must be submitted:
      • Supporting documents verifying venue rental expenses and other costs associated 
      • A list of actual participants in the conference
      • Conference agenda, delineating the opening and closing working sessions
      • Actual conference budget
      • Evidence demonstrating that conference delegates were acquainted with the city of Vilnius 
      • At least 5 conference photos or a link to a photo gallery

    The final compensation amount shall be determined within 20  working days after submission of the evidence of the funds’ use.

    The compensation shall be paid after the event, after submitting necessary supporting documents for the use of the funds and determining the final compensation amount.

    The compensation shall be transferred to a bank account within 30 working days after the date of receipt of the invoice or another suitable accounting document. 

    8 programme steps   

    Step 1       Application Submittion. Submit your application electronically at least 30 days before the event.

    Step 2       Application Evaluation. The application will be evaluated within 20 days.

    Step 3       Information Notice.  You will be notified by email of the status and preliminary amount of compensation.

    Step 4       Conference Implementation.

    Step 5       Conference Report. Submit your report and supporting documents within 30 days after the event.

    Step 6       Report Evaluation. The event report will be evaluated within 20 days.

    Step 7       Compensation Granting. You will be notified by email of the final compensation decision.

    Step 8       Compensation Payment. The compensation will be paid within 30 working days after receipt of the invoice or other suitable accounting document.


    Application Form
    Application Form
    Report Form
    Report Form