Conference Support Programme

Vilnius Conference Support Porgramme aims to increase the recognition of Vilnius as a conference city and a center of competence in various fields worldwide. The programme is intended for everyone who plans and organizes multiple scientific or business conferences, congresses, forums, seminars, and other international events of a similar nature, in which participation is exclusively for professional reasons. Applications are accepted throughout the year at least 30 days in advance before the start of the event.

The Programme is currently being updated.  New applications will be accepted from 1 March, 2024.

  • Public or private legal persons registered in the Republic of Lithuania or abroad that organize an international conference at their own cost and assume financial, economic, organizational, and legal responsibility for such conference; 
  • International Conference Organizers (agencies) acting on behalf of the conference's organizer and able to provide proof of such representation.
  • An international conference is held in a paid-for events space in Vilnius; 
  • An international conference has at least 30 participants (not including speakers, organizers, staff, etc.);
  • At least 40% of international conference participants are foreigners;
  • An international conference lasts at least one day (min. 4 hours without breaks);
  • Only registered participants known to the organizer take part in a conference;
  • An international conference is intended for a target audience that participates only for professional reasons (e.g., on behalf of the employer, for research purposes, etc.).

Only expenses directly related to the organization of international conferences shall be compensated: 

  • Venue and equipment lease;
  • Catering for participants; 
  • Transport within Vilnius;
  • Conference publicity; 
  • Entertainment services; 
  • Event organizer‘s services.

  • Fairs, exhibitions, and similar events, even if they are intended exclusively for the target audience and professionals and/or are related to conferences or congresses that are eligible for the compensation; 
  • Discussions, various sessions, training, presentations, awards, and other events that are part of exhibitions, fairs, and festivals;
  • Sports and cultural events;
  • Festivities, parties, and other entertainment events of private enterprises, gala dinners, award events, etc.; 
  • Events intended for private persons (people who have personal incentives to take part in the event) or for leisure/recreational purposes; 
  • Events that the Applicant or a third party must hold by law; 
  • Events for which funding is allotted from the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania or EU funding programmes (where the event receives funding from sponsorship/partnership agreements, this does not eliminate the opportunity of compensation granting); 
  • Events of political parties.

    The amount of the compensation depends on the number of points assigned during the evaluation of the Application. Points shall be given to the following 6 main criteria:

    • Number of participants;
    • International conference theme/sector;
    • International conference duration;
    • The strategic importance of the international conference for the city; 
    • The internationality of the international conference;
    • The international conference‘s impact on hosting other events.

    The maximum amount of the main compensation for the conference is up to EUR 30,000. 

    Evidence of funds use shall be submitted within 20 working days after the end of the event electronically. Documents to be submitted: 

    • Conference report;
    • Supporting documents proving the venue rent expenses and other expenses referred to in the Application (invoices, bank payment orders, etc.); 
    • The list of actual conference participants (including name, surname, company and country of residence) in the live event; 
    • The conference programme that shows the first and last day of the conference working session; 
    • Evidence that participants were introduced to Vilnius through images, video, city tours, etc.);
    • At least 5 conference photos or link to a photo gallery. 

    The final compensation amount shall be determined within 14 working days after submission of the evidence of the funds’ use.

    The compensation shall be paid after the event, after submitting necessary supporting documents for the use of the funds and determining the final compensation amount.

    The compensation shall be transferred to a bank account within 30 working days after the date of receipt of the invoice or another suitable accounting document. 

    8 programme steps   

    Step 1       Application Submittion. The application is submitted electronically at least 30 days before the event. 

    Step 2       Application Evaluation. The evaluation process of the application takes up to 14 days.

    Step 3       Information Notice. The applicant is informed on the status and preliminary amount of compensation by e-mail.   

    Step 4       Event Implementation.

    Step 5       Event Report. The report and other supporting documents should be submitted within 20 days after the event. 

    Step 6       Report Evaluation. The event report is evaluated within 14 days.

    Step 7       Compensation Granting. The applicant will be informed by e-mail of the final compensation granting. 

    Step 8       Compensation Payment. The compensation shall be paid within 30 working days after the date of receipt of the invoice or another suitable accounting document. 


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    Application Form
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    Report Form
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