The Official Development Agency of the City of Vilnius

Report on compensation of expenses for the organisation of an international event

Applicant details
Name of the legal entity*
Legal entity code*
Details of the event that has taken place
Event Title*
Event Date*
Name of event location (premises for which the rent is paid)*
Event subject / sector*
Event type*
Total number of on-site participants (min.30, excl. speakers, organizers, suppliers)*
Percentage of on-site foreign participants*
Planned number of virtual participants (rough estimate, min 20% of the total number of on-site participants)
Total event budget*
Results of the event, the lasting value for Vilnius*
Amount allocated for reimbursement of expenses for the organisation of the event, EUR*
Type of eligible expenses claimed and certified (please tick up to 3)*
Please atatch documents proving the organisation of the event. Maximum size of one file 10 MB. The list of required documents can be found in Rules, clause 6.4.*

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