Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower

In short

The Bell Tower acquired its current appearance in the beginning of the 19th century. The Bell Tower is 52 metres tall (57 metres including the cross) and is a heritage symbol of Vilnius. The breath-taking panoramic view from the top of the tower includes three sculptures decorating the roof of the Cathedral, one of which depicts Saint Casimir.

From the Bell Tower one can look at the bell exposition, the old city clock, and explore historical reconstructions of the Bell Tower and the Cathedral.

Today, it is not only popular for the magnificent panoramic views it offers, but also for its bell exposition and the opportunity to get to know the old city clock. Educational games, various excursions and sightseeing meetings are organised in the Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower.

Brief History

Six-hundred years ago, one of the oldest buildings in Vilnius served as a defensive tower, and as the city expanded it became a bell tower (a particularly important element of the Vilnius Cathedral Basilica, Lower and Upper Castles, becoming a symbol of the city).

In the 17th century, a clock with two bells was placed in one of the oldest and tallest towers of the Old Town. The bigger bell signals the hour while the smaller sounds-out every quarter-hour to this day.

As the Bell Tower was repeatedly flooded during the Soviet era, the Cathedral did not function as a sanctuary, so the Bell Tower was like a picture gallery, and was only associated with its clock.

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Working hours:

I - VI 10:00 – 18:00 
Closed during national holidays


€6 adults
€4 pupils, students, pensioners, disabled people

Free with Vilnius Pass

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