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The Hill of Three Crosses

In short

The Hill of Three Crosses is located at the confluence of the Vilnelė, and Neris Rivers and reaches 162 metres above sea level. The Hill of Three Crosses is also known as the Grey or Crooked Hill. A wooden castle was built on it in the 12th and 13th centuries and a settlement was later established in its place.

Brief History

It is believed that at some point in history seven Franciscan monks were tortured to death by pagans on the Hill of Three Crosses.

History tells us that on the Hill of Three Crosses, seven Franciscans died as martyrs, whom the pagans, in the absence of Grand Duke Algirdas, tied to crosses and threw down the hill. That is how the hill acquired its name of Three Crosses, as three crosses were erected to commemorate this event. However, there are historians who claim that these crosses were built on the occasion of the Magdeburg rights being granted to Vilnius, just like in other cities.

Today, the site includes a Three Crosses memorial by architect and sculptor A. Vivulskis. The monument was destroyed by Soviet authorities in 1950 but was eventually restored during the restoration of independence in Lithuania. The monument consists of three white reinforced concrete crosses that are all connected.

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