Vingis Park

In short

Vingis Park is popular with residents of Vilnius as a place for walking, cycling and roller-skating. The park also hosts various concerts, events and festivals that take place on the stage in the centre of the park. In 1988, Sąjūdis rallies were held at the stadium next to the stage, and Pope John Paul II celebrated mass here in 1993.

Vingis Park has long attracted a variety of events. The stage here has seen both world-famous and Lithuanian performers. Surrounded by nature, you can relax and immerse yourself in the music or just have fun with friends. Bith young and old often gather here during the day to relax and sit on the grass.

The park is livelier in the summer, with an open amusement park, several cafes, a sports equipment rental point, and a small zoo.

The park has two entrances: one from M. K. Čiurlionio Street, and the other from Birutės Street. A Classical chapel and a cemetery for German soldiers can be found near the M. K. Čiurlionio Street entrance of Vingis Park.

Brief History

Vingis Park is located on an area of 160 hectares along a bend of the Neris River. It belonged to the Radvila family in the 15th and 16th centuries, then fell into the hands of Bishop Ignas Masalskis before it came under the ownership of the Vilnius Governor General Leontij Beningsen, who built an elaborate summerhouse in its pine forest.

In 1919, after the re-establishment of Vilnius University, a Botanical Garden was located on the grounds of the former manor of Vingis Park. In the 20th century, the garden was severely damaged by flooding and war. A major part of the recreated garden was moved elsewhere.

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Entrance is free

Worth to check

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