There’s talk that as the weather warms up, it’s not only the birds returning to Vilnius from the South – it’s also the outdoor cafés and terraces that bring so much life to the city’s squares, parks and even rooftops.
Looking at the kayaks being carried by the river, at the hot air balloons floating in the sky, at the sun setting beyond the horizon, or at the passing trains, you’ll keep seeing Vilnius in a different light. So find an outdoor terrace, take a seat, and stop for a moment to enjoy an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the city. Here are all the places with the best views! 

Residence Cocktail Bar

Užupio g. 40
+370 665 57884 

Watch breath-taking sunsets over the rooftops of Vilnius or look at works of art on a warm afternoon while enjoying a refreshing cocktail. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city without even leaving it. Take a seat at a table on the terrace or – if you prefer something with less commitment – on the steps with an amazing view. 

Bernardinų Kiemas

Maironio g. 12
+370 650 34405

Located in the green oasis of Vilnius – Bernardine Gardens – the courtyard is just waiting for you to sit down under the willow trees. Try some popular street food, and in the evening – let the music take you over and dance until dawn. This is where the best parties in town are!

Spritz Summer Garden

Pilies g. 3
+370 618 59983

A sunset-coloured drink on the tables is a harbinger of warm weather. When you walk through the gates on the oldest street in Vilnius, you’ll enter an exotic haven with a holiday vibe. The cosy courtyard is like a portal that takes you to a green garden in the very heart of the Old Town of Vilnius. 

Kitas Krantas

Žvejų 14a
+370 688 75511

For real happiness, you don’t need much. The bank of the Neris is an inviting place to sit down and gaze at the church towers in the Old Town landscape, or at the sun setting on the river. To watch the kayaks paddling past or the cyclists whizzing by. To spend evenings moving to the rhythm of dance or watching exciting sports competitions. 

Opera Social House

J. Lelevelio g. 4 

Get a glimpse of the city and passers-by from above on the open-air roof terrace. This spot provides a completely unexpected perspective of the city, with the roofs of the Old Town on one side and modern glass skyscrapers on the other. After fuelling up with pizza, you’ll dance the night away at one of the many concerts by legendary bands and new bands alike, or at the afterparties held here for the city’s biggest events. 

Terrace of the Palace of the Grand Dukes – Bona Sforza Garden

Katedros a. 4

The courtyard offers the best view of the Tower of Gediminas, as well as an opportunity to cool off on a hot day in a 16th century garden, surrounded by fragrant herbs, colourful flowers and a bubbling fountain. Sitting in the garden will make you feel like a medieval noble. After all, Bona Sforza once strolled in a garden very similar to this one. 

Neringa Rooftop

Gedimino pr. 23 
+370 602 73420

Rise above the everyday and take a seat on the roof of the legendary Vilnius hotel under the open sky. This is the perfect place to watch the sunset turn the Old Town pink. To hear the city sounds give way to tranquillity. Here, it’s as if the whole of Vilnius is in the palm of your hand, so you’ll always find a new favourite view. 

Amy Winehouse Terrace

J. Basanavičiaus g. 14A
+370 619 72795

When you walk through the openwork metal gate, you’ll find yourself in a secret garden, hidden from the eyes of passers-by by greenery. It seems like a private club, but everyone who wants to celebrate warm weather and –of course – life is welcome here! Friends meet on the terrace as good music plays, and smiles shine on faces as glasses clink.   


Geležinkelio g. 6
+370 616 74754

What happens on Peronas’s legendary terrace stays on Peronas’s legendary terrace. As the trains rumble by and a giant James Gandolfini stares thoughtfully into the distance, the terrace is alive with life and the urge to travel – even if it’s just from the table to the bar. Performing at Peronas is an honour for many bands, so the concerts here are always impressive. 


J. Basanavičiaus g. 13

It’s like being at the theatre café, just better, because Balkonas provides a view of the beautiful buildings of the Old Town. Even if there are no shows at the Old Theatre of Vilnius that day, the bar and restaurant always invite you to take a seat on the balcony and savour the moment. Looking at the city, every move can seem like a tiny mise-en-scène. And the plates on the table serve as stages for dishes that are worthy of applause.