Vilnius Outside: The Best You Can Get

Vilnius can be whatever you want it to be. An oasis of natural greenery, a museum, an adventure park and even a concert hall. And we’re not hiding anything from you – all that and much more is right here in the open and in the heart of the city. Get some vitamin D while spending time outdoors in Vilnius. We’ve got the most creative, fun, and relaxing things lined up for you.

Parks and Hikes

Green wherever you look – that’s the essence of Vilnius! Fresh air, breathtaking panoramas, and a relaxing atmosphere are always guaranteed. No need to rush – you can discover Vilnius at your own pace. Take a hike or just sit down and admire the wonders of nature.

Vingis Park

Breathe in some fresh forest air at Vingis Park, a favourite place for outdoor fun. Cyclists, joggers and sports enthusiasts flock to this park, but it’s also a perfect spot to relax in the sun. It’s walking distance from Vilnius Old Town, but once you’re there it’ll feel like an entirely different world. If you go into a less busy area, you might be lucky enough to spot some wildlife.

Bernardine Garden

Discover a green oasis right next to the city’s main sightseeing objects. A musical fountain, a botanical exhibition, cosy cafes, and the Old Town’s oldest oak tree offer a quick escape from the sounds of the city. Feed the ducks, play some chess, and look up at the Hill of Three Crosses.

Verkiai Park

See the astonishing panoramas of Vilnius from above at Verkiai Park. You can visit a former pagan shrine, take a walk in an old forest, and see the 18th-century mansion. It’s a perfect starting point for a hike along the river. 

Vilnius University’s Botanical Garden in Kairėnai

Enjoy the colourful blossoms, ride a carriage, or have a picnic. Natural landscapes match the perfectly trimmed plant labyrinths, and the surrounding hills offer a perfect bird-eye’s view of the park. The park always looks different as nature changes with each day.

Open-Air Museums

Sprinklings of art and culture can be found around every corner in Vilnius, right in the open. Walls don’t confine creativity; they serve as a canvas for expression. So keep your eyes open for some visual gems along the way. Get inspired in Vilnius.

Railway Museum

Take a journey without actually travelling. Visit the Railway Museum’s outdoor exhibition at the Vilnius Railway Station where you can hop on a train car, check out the vintage locomotives, and ride a hand trolley. You’ll feel like you’re in an old movie.

Literatai Street

Right in the heart of the Old Town, Literatai Street doubles as an exhibition and is a place for a romantic walk. Filled with more than 200 small works of art dedicated to international and local writers and poets, the street is quaint and especially magical at night.

Open Gallery

Looking for inspiration? Find it 24/7 at an open-air art gallery in an urban setting of former factories. See exquisite works of street art by artists from all over the world. If you’re wandering here at night, pay attention to the illuminated pieces – they add a special atmosphere and show the works in a different light, literally.

Europa Park

Find a massive park filled with more than 130 works of contemporary art just half an hour away from Vilnius. You’ll get to walk through a Guinness World Records holding 700-metre labyrinth created with TVs and come face-to-face with works by many international art stars. Don’t be afraid to get lost – it’s a perfect way to spend your day.

Worth to check

Worth to check

Enter the Courtyards of Vilnius
Enter the Courtyards of Vilnius

These courtyards provide the perfect open-air lunch spot, a quiet place to read, or a calm hideout from the more touristy paths around Vilnius

A Walk in Search of Art in Vilnius
A Walk in Search of Art in Vilnius

Vilnius is full of street art; you simply have to let your eyes wander.

Vilnius Outside: The Best You Can Get
Vilnius Outside: The Best You Can Get

Get some vitamin D while spending time outdoors in Vilnius.