Date ideas in Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Journeys’ Romantic Europe destinations, is a city that inspires love. You don’t have to search too hard to find it either; every corner has a romantic story to tell.

Even a short getaway to Vilnius will make you fall in love with the city – the narrow streets of the Old Town, long walks in the luscious parks, the urban landscapes to behold from a hot-air balloon, or a romantic dinner for two are sure to hold a special place in your heart. Get to know Vilnius and let it be love at first sight.

What to Do

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Vilnius provides its guests with an exclusive opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the city from a hot air balloon. A romantic ride offers new perspectives of the city, including the splendid Old Town and a lot of nature that changes with every season. Time tends to stand still during the ride, making room for unforgettable impressions of Vilnius. Expect a special flight ceremony and a glass of sparkling wine once you land.

Bicycles on the Banks of the Neris River

The riverside and its picturesque path are great for exploring the city on a bike. An open-air gallery by renowned street artists is a perfect starting point for the journey, with the towers of Vilnius and the Old Town on the left. The path leads to Vingis Park, where nature and fresh forest air make for an ideal spot to stop and relax with a coffee in hand.

Elegant Music and Contemporary Art

The high arches of the Church of St. Catherine are very fitting for both contemporary music and traditional classical performances. Concerts fill the air with unique sounds and a special mood. Meanwhile, the modern art exhibitions and abundance of events await at the MO Museum, where a private collection of over 4,000 works is stored.

Modern Music and Film Evening

Walking in the urban landscape of abandoned factories and exploring street art at the Open Gallery can be the start of a romantic date. Electronic or contemporary music in the nearby Loftas art factory serve as an excellent backdrop. At the end of the evening, it’s worth sharing food and conversations with friends at Downtown Food Hall and maybe catching a movie at the friendly Kino Deli.

Amber Massage

Amber, the Baltic gold and solid drops of solar heat, relaxes and soothes the body. The Nidos Kopos massage parlour fills the body up with the thousands of years of stored energy and lets it heat up from the inside. It’s easy to feel the Baltic spirit while sipping on amber tea and smelling the sweet aroma of pine.

The route of the most romantic places in Vilnius