Church of St. Catherine

In short

The Church of St. Catherine is the first church in Vilnius to be fully renovated during the independence period and has already become one of the city’s great symbols. The church is located at Vilniaus g. 30. It is a late Baroque church built between 1625 and 1743 and is known for its rich décor and plastic facades. The church is made of stone, has two towers, a single-nave with a presbytery narrower, and a semi-circular apse. It joins the ensemble of the former Benedictine Monastery. The silhouette of the church is highly visible from various parts of the Old Town. The chapel built on the side of the church is of great artistic and urban importance.

Brief History

The church was heavily damaged during the Second World War and many pieces of art were stolen from it. During the Soviet era, the church was owned by the Vilnius Museum of Fine Arts and was used primarily as a warehouse. Restoration of the church began in 1994 and opened its doors opened to the public again on 27 May 2006.

The church now hosts various cultural events and classical music festivals.

Its main nave is adapted for concert activities (396 seats), the cellars are used as a space for exhibitions, and chamber events take place around the main nave. Free from rehearsals and events, the church is open for guided tours.

Vilnius Teachers' House is responsible for the administration of this cultural space.

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