Church of St. Casimir

In short

The Baroque Church of St. Casimir is the only church in Lithuania that was built according to the example of the Church of Jesus of Rome (Il Gesu). The church towers are decorated with a royal crown and three late Baroque artificial marble altars inside.

The paintings at the altar are the works of Antanas Kmieliauskas. These include paintings entitled, The Resurrection of Christ, St. Casimir, St. Andrew Bobola and St. Ignacas Loyola.

The church is dedicated to St. Casimir, a guardian of Lithuania. St. Casimir was the son of the Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, Casimir. He was born on 3 October 1458 in Krakow and distinguished himself in spirituality and piety. He died of tuberculosis and was buried in the Vilnius Cathedral, in the chapel named after him. Pope Clement VIII confirmed people's belief in the holiness of the king in the beginning of the 17th century. In 1636, St. Casimir was proclaimed heavenly Patron of Lithuania.

The Church of St. Casimir stands in Vilnius Old Town and services are held in Lithuanian and Russian. After Sunday mass, half an hour of religious music and concentration starts. Famous Lithuanian groups, organists and soloists participate in them.

Brief History

The construction of the church began in 1604 by Jesuits. It was dedicated to St. Casimir who was canonised in 1602. In 1949, Soviet authorities closed the Church of St. Casimir. There was a wine warehouse, all church equipment was destroyed, and the altar, paintings, organ and bells were not preserved. The Church of St. Casimir was returned to believers in October of 1988 and is still open to Lithuanian Jesuits.

Didžioji g. 34, Vilnius 01128Google Maps
Opening hours:

I-VI: 11:00-19:00
VII: 8:00-19:00


Entrance is free

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