Walking around Vilnius in autumn is like stepping into an art masterpiece. In the mornings, the Gediminas Tower looms out of the fog over the Neris. The golden trees match the red roofs of the Old Town and the bright sunsets. In the yellowish light of the lanterns, the lengthening shadows invite you to discover cosy courtyards. The 700 years of the city's history echo at every turn and open up new perspectives. Discover the autumnal Vilnius on foot!

Free guided tours - try it out!

You can admire the city as you walk alone, but you'll really get to know it by listening to its special stories. Guides will help you see Vilnius with new eyes and show you undiscovered places. A seemingly ordinary building can hide a drama worthy of a TV series, or a green square can be a real treasure.

Gastronomic acquaintance

Memories last longer if they are triggered by more sensations, so get to know Vilnius with more than your eyes. True love can also start in your stomach. Vilnius is also the gastronomic capital of Lithuania, where chefs recreate the city's history and create new traditions. Find out and taste.

The artistic way 

Vilnius is like a free open-air art gallery. Here you'll come across street art by some of the most famous Lithuanian and foreign artists, feel the bohemian spirit, get inspired, meet a sculpture of your favourite celebrity, or maybe even find your own miracle.

Walking on the edge

Vilnius challenges you to take a skywalk! At 170 meters up, everyday life is left underfoot, and only this moment matters. On the ledge of the TV tower roof, you will not only see Vilnius, but you will also get to know yourself again, overcome challenges, and come back to earth even stronger. Dare to try?

More ideas

The treasure trove of the Glass Quarter
The treasure trove of the Glass Quarter
The Glass Quarter, which has seen many twists and turns of history, is coming back to life.