Dare to try: a walk in the clouds in Vilnius

Would you dare to walk along a narrow ledge perched 170 metres above ground and sit on its edge with only Vilnius under your feet? Vilnius offers a breath-taking experience for adrenaline junkies and fans of all things extreme – a walk along the edge of the TV Tower. No handrails or guardrails – just you and our unforgettable city from one of the rarest of angles, which is even better than the best drone views. 

Though Vilnius is not the first city to offer a TV tower walk, ours is among the 30 tallest TV towers in the world – taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Eiffel Tower. Plus, when the weather is clear, you can get a panoramic view that spans up to 50 km from the tower’s observation deck. So, visit for yourself and give your friends an unforgettable experience – groups of up to eight people can take part in an hour-long adventure for visitors aged 14 and over. And while you’ll have no shortage of adrenaline running through your veins, you’ll also be guided by professional who will take care of your safety, and the strong ropes will leave you feeling more confident.

If you’re not one for altitude-induced adrenaline rushes you can always opt for a safe walk on the tower observation deck, which is protected by a safety net. You’ll stick have spectacular photo ops and get to feel like a bird, because at this height there’s something magical about feeling the wind in your hair and gazing into the distance.

After taking in the views from the observation deck, you can descend to the tower’s rotating restaurant. Paukščių Takas (Milky Way), which is at a height of 165 metres. It takes about 55 minutes for the restaurant to make a full 360° rotation, so feel free to take it slow and make the most of this unique spot, which is a favourite among tourists and locals alike. And though the restaurant is open no matter the weather, the extreme walk and open-air observation deck can only be enjoyed when the weather is good.     


Extreme altitude entertainment – €52/person
Open-air observation deck – €15/adult, €9/child
Restaurant ticket from €10 on workdays and from €13 on weekends

Contact info:

Adress: Sausio 13-osios g. 10, Vilnius Google Maps
Phone: +370 5 252 5333
Website: https://tvbokstas.lt/en/