9 Spots To Catch a Gorgeous Panoramic View of Vilnius

The trademark red roofs of Vilnius Old Town and the constantly expanding skyline of the modern business district are best viewed from above, especially when you can see both at the same time. Luckily, Vilnius is full of spots that offer picture-perfect views of the city from above. Check out the nine best spots to take in the sights of Vilnius from a new perspective.

Bell Tower of St. John’s Church

Unlike most other lookout points in the city, the Bell Tower of St. John’s Church is located right in the heart of the Old Town. There’s an entrance fee, but the view makes that and the climb to the top well worth it. Vilnius’ classic red rooftops will look like they’re almost within reach from here.

Subačius Viewpoint

This is easily one of the best free spots for taking panoramic pictures. You’ll see Vilnius’ church towers, its many hills, and the new business district in the background. The sunset on a clear evening is fantastic from here – the sun dips right behind the town’s buildings, making for a spectacular lightshow.

Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower

One of the tallest towers in the Old Town offers great views of the nearby square and Gediminas Avenue, as well as Vilnius’ historic centre. Tickets can be purchased on the spot and give you access to the viewing deck, bell exposition, and a short historical tour.

Hill of Three Crosses

With the Vilnia River right at your feet, you’ll find this spot to be excellent for looking down on the Cathedral and Vilnius’ many churches. This is a public space that’s part of Kalnų Park, so you can visit whenever you like and capture the soft colours of the sunrise, as well as lights shining at night.

Altana Hill 

One of the highest hills in Vilnius is well-hidden in the independent republic of Užupis, but once you find it, the view it offers is spectacular. There’s not much climbing involved if you go to the Užupis Gymnasium and take the stairs and path behind it. You’ll have a perfect view of Gediminas’ Tower and the typical golden sunsets of Vilnius.

Radisson Blu Skybar

For the best view of the city with a cocktail in hand go up to the Skybar at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Sitting in a comfy chair on the 22nd floor you can watch the Neris River flow by and see the whole Old Town at your feet.

TV Tower

Make your way to the tallest building in Lithuania for a view like no other. The TV Tower cafe is located 165 metres above ground level and rotates 360 degrees every hour. So you can see the modern side of Vilnius in its entirety without moving a muscle. The view is exquisite, no matter the time of the day, and once the sun sets you’re in for a wonderful panorama filled with city lights.

Hot Air Balloons

Vilnius is the only European capital that allows hot air balloons to float over the Old Town. Hot or chilly, don’t miss this unique chance to explore the city’s streets and surrounding landscapes, which change dramatically with every season. It’s the perfect opportunity to get the full Vilnius experience in a single activity.

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