Subačius Panoramic Viewpoint

In short

This lookout located near the intersection of Subačius and Markučių streets offers a spectacular panorama of Vilnius Old Town rich in cultural, historical and architectural objects.

Subačius Street is one of the oldest roads in Vilnius; it once led through the city wall to the remote lands of Lithuania.

Subačiaus Street is mentioned in documents dating back to the 15th century. The name of the street presumably derived from the name of a wealthy townsman who lived there at the time. Subačius Gate once stood at the end of the street, and its surroundings make up some of the oldest parts of the city.

Brief History

From the intersection of the streets there is the most beautiful view of Užupis. On the slope of Vilnius, there is the beautiful small church of St. Bartholome from the 18th century.

To the right, you can see the towers and hills of the Šventaragis Valley, and next to them some Old Town houses. During the Middle Ages, these houses were separated from the suburb of Tym by a city wall. At the bottom of Pašilaitė is the small cozy Kūdrų Park, formerly known as Missionary Ponds. The square is equipped with a panoramic information board, which will help distinguish all the church towers on the horizon.

You can also see Gediminas Hill, the Hill of Three Crosses, and a rich panorama of church towers. During the warm season there is an outdoor café where you can order an aromatic coffee with a bun or slice of cake.

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