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Pūčkoriai Exposure

In short

It’s the highest and the most impressive exposure in Lithuania. Its height reaches 65 metres and its width is 260 metres. This unique geological object was declared a nature monument in 1974. Today, the exposure is protected as part of the Pavilniai Regional Park, the Pūčkoriai Nature Reserve. Pūčkoriai and its surroundings are the pride of the Pavilniai Regional Park, as well as its most famous and visited object.

A magnificent panorama can be viewed from the exposure: the winding Vilnia River, the hills and forests of Pavilniai Regional Park, the Pūčkoriai manor, and a former cannon foundry. A little further down are the remains of the old dam of the Belmontas Mill.

Brief History

Remnants of the Polish military defence equipment – trenches and reinforced concrete bunker – can still be found at the Pūčkoriai Exposure. In 2013, the Pūčkoriai Exposure cognitive trail with wide stairs, wooden walkways, terraces, tables and gazebos was opened. This trail is also accessible to people with disabilities. The Pūčkoriai Exposure can be viewed from both the top and the bottom along the scenic Pūčkoriai Cognitive Trail. The beautiful views, good equipment and easy access to the Pūčkoriai Exposure make it a popular destination all year round.

The Pūčkoriai Exposure is located on the eastern outskirts of Vilnius, in the neighbourhood of Naujoji Vilnia, on the right bank of the Vilnia River near Stepono Batoro Street.

It is also a continually eroding stretch of the right slope of the Vilnia Valley. Its unstable condition is fuelled by river erosion. The exposure shows a layer of old (Medininkai) ice deposits, wrinkled by the last (Nemunas) glacier. As the glacier glided, it caught and intermixed the moraine and inter-moraine rocks (boulder moraine, gravel, sand, aleurite, clay, etc.) formed by the penultimate glacier.

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