Monument to Vincas Kudirka

In short

“Lietuva, Tėvyne mūsų,
Tu didvyrių žeme,
Iš praeities Tavo sūnūs
Te stiprybę semia”


Do you know the author of these lines? You hear them at official and important events in Lithuania. Yes, Vincas Kudirka wrote both the music and lyrics of the Lithuanian national anthem. You can see the monument dedicated to him at V. Kudirka Square, next to the Government House.

The sculpture, which is almost 4 metres tall, is made of bronze and was built in July 2009.

Next to it stands a stylised trapezoidal obelisk with the words of the anthem (sculptor – Arūnas Sakalauskasarchitect – Ričardas Krištopavičius). 

Water flows around part of the composition.

Brief History

Besides being the author of the Lithuanian national anthem, V. Kudirka was also a public figure and a great personality who received extensive attention in our country. The monument to V. Kudirka smiles not only with his lips, but also with his eyes, truly conveying his love for Lithuania and all his people.

He is also a writer, composer, doctor and national awakener, who has invited everyone to return to their roots and simply fall in love with Lithuania. He described his ideas in Varpas Magazine. It was here that the national anthem (Vincas Kudirka's Tautiška giesmė) was printed together with the notes so that everyone at home could express their love for Lithuania by singing.

This patriotic poem became Lithuania’s national anthem in 1919.

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