Apple Tile

In short

If you’re feeling like spreading the love walk past St. Moniuškos Square where a symbol of love in Vilnius is located. The Apple tile, designed by sculptor Gitenis Umbrasas, symbolises a place for lovers to meet.

In 2007, the sculptor depicted symbols of an apple and a heart on a pavement tile as an ode to the Biblical encounter of Adam and Eve in paradise – the legend of love and the beginning of humanity and life on earth.

Umbrasas intended this work to be a reminder of the importance of love to those who may be in too much of a hurry, forgetting this beautiful feeling. In fact, this tile is important not only for lovers, but also for people looking for their other half.

Brief History

The apple symbolises love by showing that every person is worthy of it and that if you invest in it, you will have it. The two halves of an apple are shown to blend together to convey the most important feeling in the world.

The Moniuška Square tile is only one part of the author's idea. Other tiles can be found at ten other spots in Vilnius, where it was popular to go on dates during various historical periods (interwar, Soviet period, etc.).

S. Moniuškos skveras, Vilnius 01119Google Maps

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