Miracle Tile

In short

For quite some time, as word has spread about the magic tile in one of the most popular spaces in Vilnius, Cathedral Square, more and more people began stepping on it while making a wish. Many believe that the tile created by the artist Gitenis Umbrasas can fulfil a wish if you spin on its axis. The tile attracts the attention of both tourists and residents of Vilnius. It is understandable, as the word miracle appears on it.

Brief History

The Miracle Tile became an attraction for passers-by, and for a while after its installation it was possible to observe alternative ways of interpreting it: the townspeople immediately realised that the tile was a place to come up with wishes, but they needed to understand what needed to be done. Some stepped on the tile and spun on its axis, others jumped on it. These actions are a bodily interpretation of a specific location in the city, which in turn gives meaning to the location marked with the tile. Eventually, the ritual of rotating on its axis prevailed.

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