Užupis Cat

In short

Užupis is a quirky self-proclaimed independent republic in Vilnius. Its bohemian streets are full of murals and installations, as well as the Constitution of the Republic of Užupis, which hangs on a wall in 25+ languages. A cat standing on the fence of the house number 2 on Polocko Street is known to fulfil people's dreams.

According to an old Užupis legend, this cat helps people overcome their fears.

Created by artist Jonas Geltis, on the initiative of jeweller Viktorija Orkinė, this fun cat sculpture is an invitation to get to know Užupis better as an area of artists and craftspeople, and to attract even more visitors while developing a unique legend of the Užupis district.

“Scratch my ear – you will no longer feel fear,” whispers the pierced cat living on a neighbourhood fence. This sculpture is associated with jewellery and is one of the newest and most beloved among tourists.

Brief History

“The cat does not have to love his owner, but must help him in a difficult moment,” declares Article 13 of the Užupis Constitution. Therefore, the cat promises to kill the sense of fear of anyone who dares to touch its ear, and fulfilling one’s strongest desires seems more logical and real than magical.

Anyone who wants to can touch this living interactive sculpture and it will destroy all the fears.

Interestingly, there was once a market for pets in the nearby Užupis Square. Perhaps that’s why cats are still considered special residents in the area; they are abundant in every yard and have exclusive rights.

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Worth to check

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