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The Angel of Užupis

In short

The story of the Angel of Užupis is inseparable from the history of the district. For a long time, Užupis was gloomy and far from prestigious. However, the area changed as settlers started to move here, and the facades of the houses were gradually renovated. A prominent community member, artist, caricaturist, director and animator Zenonas Šteinys was a great inspiration to all these new settlers. When Šteinys died, the community decided to create a memorial for him. When discussing various options, Romas Vilčiauskas, a sculptor from Užupis, proposed the idea of an angel.

However, Vilčiauskas was unable to create the angel by the date set for the unveiling ceremony of the sculpture. Instead, an egg was presented, and it was said that the Užupis Angel would soon emerge from this egg. The Angel of Užupis sculpture was finally completed in 2002 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Užupis' independence.

Brief History

The Angel of Užupis is located in the central Užupis Square, placed on an 8.5 m tall pillar. The angel was created by sculptor Romas Vilčiauskas and architect Algirdas Umbrasas, and is made of solid brass and bronze.

The Angel of Užupis is one of Vilnius’ talking sculptures. This is evident from the blue table attached to the sculpture's pedestal, inviting you to listen to the sculpture. Choose one of the two alternatives listed in the table on your smartphone: scan the QR code or type in the specified URL.

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