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SPAs in Vilnius: Rejuvenate Your Body and Clear Your Mind

You don’t need a special occasion to spend a day pampering yourself at a spa; sometimes you just need to forget your day-to-day stresses, clear your mind, and recharge. There are a number of world-class spas in and around Vilnius offering more than just the standard beauty treatments and massages. Treatments that incorporate gemstone dust, amber massages, aromatic rituals, and jet-lag procedures are just some of the special ways to indulge in a serene spa setting. Find out which spas to visit in Vilnius and start picturing yourself in full relaxation mode.

Vilnius Grand Resort V Spa

New for 2020, this spa offers traditional procedures as well as practices derived from oriental medicine. You’ll find holistic treatments, massages using semi-precious or precious minerals, Ayurveda treatments, and therapeutic baths filled with a variety of healing extracts. Head to the aromatherapy or salt room to relax and recharge your body, or reserve a light therapy session during the colder months when there’s less sunlight.

Unwind in the spa’s saunas, steam baths, whirlpools and cascading pools, or take your tranquil experience to the next level in the VIP area, which features a cedar sauna and relaxation area. Guests can also get their blood pumping in the 20-metre swimming pool, take a yoga class or work out in one of the spa gyms.

After the relaxing experience head over to the bar for a healthy snack or sit down for a Japanese meal at the restaurant. If you want to enjoy the pleasures of the Vilnius Grand Resort V Spa for more than just a day, you can stay at the on-site hotel for a night or even a week. Enjoy all your heart’s desires and maybe even embark on a special guided tour of Vilnius.

Location: Ežeraičių 2, Ežeraičių village, Vilnius district

Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius SPA 

Located in the heart of the Old Town, the Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius SPA offers seasonal massages, amber treatments, toning and rejuvenating procedures, and oxygen facials that use vitamins and antioxidants. You can also dive into the azure pool or spend some time in the spa’s Finnish sauna and steam rooms. To complete the spa experience, make sure to reserve a table at the hotel’s Telegraph restaurant.

Location: Universiteto 14

Pacai Spa

Even though it’s in a historic 17th century building in the heart of the city, the Pacai Hotel Spa is modern and tranquil. Facial treatments, nature-inspired amber or hemp oil massages, body treatments, traditional hot baths and herbal teas, or special jet-lag treatments will make you feel reborn. Extend the lavish experience by reserving a table at the hotel’s new restaurant Muros, headed by Liutauras Čeprackas, one of the country’s top chefs. For the ultimate relaxation experience, you can always book a room at the impressive 5-star Pacai Hotel.

Location: Didžioji 7

Nidos kopos

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to discover amber, often referred to as Lithuanian gold. Located in the heart of Vilnius near Cathedral Square, this cosy massage house offers special face and body treatments, amber powder body wraps, amber oil massages, masks, and even an amber tea drinking ceremony. These procedures are sure to leave your skin glowing and your body experiencing the ultimate release of tension.

Location: Odminių 8

Provanso kvapai

Spa rituals using special essential oils promise to relax and reinvigorate, while an aromatic mineral bath is the perfect way to spend some quality me time. An hour of peace and quiet in the water by candlelight and in the haze of essential oils is magic in itself. You can also join an aromatherapy workshop or book an event for a larger group.

Location: L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus 1

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