Virtual Vilnius: Tours to Explore

To travel is to live, but when real travel is not an option, you can always take a virtual journey. Escape from everyday life and explore Vilnius from the comfort and safety of your own home. The city is sharing its most beautiful natural settings, most impressive artwork and architecture, and inspiring spaces with the entire world. Take this opportunity to discover the best of Vilnius at your own pace.

Travel around Vilnius and its surroundings

Vilnius is one of the greenest capitals in Europe, and you can explore it using various means of transport, including kayaks, bicycles and scooters. Different modes of transport let you see the Lithuanian capital from different angles. And just when you think you’re done exploring every corner of the city, you can go for a quiet swim in Lake Galvė in Trakai.

Vilnius 360° Down the Neris River

Take a kayak on the Neris River and imagine the sound of the current as it carries you downstream. Don’t forget to take in the greenery and architecture of the Old Town.

A virtual tour around the sweetest spots of Vilnius

It's like wandering the streets of Vilnius with a personal guide showing you the most beautiful places in the city on foot, scooter or bicycle.

A trip around Lake Galvė

This trip will fascinate you with its impressive views of the Trakai Island Castle and surrounding natural landscapes. You could almost feel the wind in your hair.

An impressive collection of contemporary Lithuanian art

Visit some of the standout exhibitions currently on lockdown in Lithuania’s museums. Explore works of contemporary art at your own pace without being disturbed by other visitors, and get as close as you want. The artwork will unfold in new layers in a virtual exhibition hall. You’ll be able to analyse even the smallest details. Extensive stories will help you better understand the context of each piece and provide some much needed inspiration. Bonus: you can come back here again and again whenever you want, even if you only want to see one particular piece.

MO Museum

"The Origin of Species. 1990s DNA" invites you to discover the nostalgia of Lithuania's not-so-distant past through art. The "Mekas Winks Better" exhibition promises to show you the world through the eyes of avant-garde creator Jonas Mekas.


Lithuanian Art Centre Tartle

See a part of the centre’s collection, including classical paintings and contemporary art that will take you on a tour around Vilnius in pictures, teach you more about diverse Lithuanian art and about Lithuania depicted in art.


Lithuanian Art Museum

7 Lithuanian museums are showing off their treasures to the world. Stunning and famous classical and contemporary pieces of art are now especially vivid.


Visit the city’s architectural gems

Vilnius is famous for its impressive UNESCO-listed Old Town filled with diverse architecture. The buildings hide many intriguing centuries-old stories. Open the door to some amazing spaces and embark on a journey in time. Plus, you are always welcome to explore exceptional examples of Vilnius Baroque and Classical architecture for as long as you want, whenever you want.

Church of the St. Peter and St. Paul

Explore a true Baroque masterpiece and one of the most impressive churches in the world. This is your chance to take a closer look at the church’s 2,000+ statues, reliefs and religious paintings.


Vilnius University Library Building Ensemble

Visit the bell tower of St. John's Church, find out the secrets of the impressive Vilnius University ensemble, and peruse the oldest and most impressive library in Lithuania.


The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

Stroll through the halls of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. 


Visit a city like no other

Vilnius combines centuries of history with a modern and hip atmosphere. It’s an amazing city with amazing people: creative, curious and full of energy. Each of the city’s districts has a unique spirit, but together they create a harmony called Vilnius, where everyone finds their place. Nature, food, architecture, and art – there’s enough for everyone. So visit the city virtually now, and get inspired to go physically when you can!

What is Vilnius?

Experience a futuristic journey – new impressions and discoveries in just a few minutes without leaving home.

Worth to check

Worth to check

Vilnius: Home of the Last Czars Netflix Miniseries
Vilnius: Home of the Last Czars Netflix Miniseries

The story of the royal Russian Romanov family has been brought back to life in Vilnius, where the latest hit Netflix miniseries The Last Czars was filmed