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Paupys Market: a journey of flavours 

Get ready for the ultimate food experience at Paupys Market, a new addition to Vilnius’ food scene. It’s a place that brings people together over authentic dishes.
If you’re looking to enjoy one of many gastronomic creations or want to find unique food products for your culinary feast at home, Paupys Market is filled with delicious goodies. Bon appétit!   

Enjoy your food in an urban jungle – filled with greenery, Paupys Market is a foodie heaven! Set in Vilnius’ newest district, the market in Paupys invites you to experience a new way to enjoy food. Imagine eating all your favourite dishes from different restaurants at the same table. You can do it at Paupys Market.  

Enjoy a walk to Paupys right through Vilnius Old Town and see the scenery change to idyllic nature and modern architecture. The creative atmosphere is a perfect spot for Paupys Market, where chefs experiment with local products and interpret various world cuisines.  

Visit a hotspot where sharing food and experiences brings people together.  

Adresas: Aukštaičių str. 7, Vilnius 11341

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