Relocation from Ukraine and Belarus

If you are currently in Ukraine or Belarus and looking for information about coming to Vilnius, Lithuania, please visit
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We understand that planning a move to a new country involves a number of complex issues. To help you cope with them, we have compiled a relocation guide that describes the most important migration procedures as well as tips for smooth integration into local life.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information [email protected]. Or schedule a meeting with the International House Vilnius team.

Relocation Tips

Are you thinking about moving to Vilnius? Key information on migration procedures and tips for smooth integration into local life are just a click away.

Finding a Like-Minded Community

Vilnius is the perfect playground for new technology developers and innovative businesses. Check out for more information about this community.

Lifestyle and Leisure

The city’s work-life balance makes Vilnius an ideal choice filled with work ventures and new personal adventures. See what Vilnius has to offer.

Online Workshops

Have you recently moved to Vilnius or are planning to? If so, you’re invited to take part in the workshops organized by International House Vilnius.

Others about Vilnius

Read others sharing their experiences about the city of Vilnius.

A Local’s Guide to Vilnius, Lithuania on The Guardian
A Local’s Guide to Vilnius, Lithuania on The Guardian

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