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A culture that never sleeps

Vilnius never takes a break, so when it comes to arts and culture, there’s always something going on. On top of that, you don’t have to break the bank, because there are plenty of free events and festivals. Isn’t Vilnius just a perfect spot for a getaway?

Street Music Day – 17 July

Mark your calendar – music will flow through the streets of Vilnius Old Town on the third Saturday of July. Check out the talents of professional musicians, amateurs and those dreaming of the big stage. No matter what style of music you like, you will certainly hear it at some point throughout the day. You can also grab your drum and join the Drum2gether's percussion and improvisation parade, which is open for everyone to join.   

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Midsummer Vilnius – 12-23 July

Experience the joy of music. Attend performances by Lithuanian musicians showing off new twists to their usual programmes. From classics to contemporary music, or even avant-garde performances, the walls of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania welcome all the sounds of music. Get a refreshing taste of various styles.

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Christopher Festival – from 22 July

This year’s theme is summertime discoveries. What they’ll be depends entirely on you. The festival’s motto is that all music genres are good, except the boring ones. You’ll hear the melodies of timeless classical music rock stars; but there’s more to this festival. Experimental projects and traditional works promise to find their way into your heart.

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Vilnius’ Alternative Birthday – 23-25 July

Although Vilnius’ official birthday is 25 January, there’s no harm in celebrating it again! After all, with the difficult winter situation we all experienced, the city’s actual birthday was never properly celebrated this year. So we’re giving it another go on 23-25 July, when the entire city will be partying for Vilnius’ alternative birthday! And it’s not only an Old Town festival. The festivities will spread to all parts of the city. A selection of the country’s top performers will take the stage at Cathedral Square as well as a couple of lesser-known but super intriguing locations that have served as backdrops for various HBO and Netflix productions. Make sure to wander around all of Vilnius to be part of the creativity boom. Performances, artwork, interesting projects and fun entertainment will spread throughout the city.

Vilnius Light Festival – 13-15 August

Celebrate the beauty of Vilnius at night by exploring its nooks and crannies illuminated with impressive light installations. The international festival focuses on the courtyards of Vilnius Old Town, drawing attention to the city’s architecture and inviting you to explore its hidden gems.

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The Vilnius Capital Days Festival – 3-5 September

Celebrate together with Vilnius during the city’s biggest festival filled with music, good food, culture and a great atmosphere. Greet the autumn season with live concerts, exceptional shows and a fair in the heart of the city on Gediminas Avenue. Get ready for some action, adventures and inspiring ideas.

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Loftas Fest – 10-11 September

Take part in the only urban music festival in the Baltics in September. Situated in an old factory that brings a modern vibe to the club. This is your chance to hear some of the freshest sounds of electronic and indie music. When you’re not dancing, take a walk around and enjoy the street art on the walls of the Open Gallery, watch a night time film screening or dig into the street food.

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Culture Night – 24 September

For one night, when museums close their doors, the whole city becomes a museum, a stage and a performance. Culture Night fills all the unexpected places of Vilnius with music, dance, theatre, cinema, photography and state-of-the-art installations. It’s a perfect opportunity to get a crash course in contemporary Lithuanian culture.

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New Circus Weekend – TBA

Escape everyday life and jump into a world of fantasy, illusions and almost limitless human possibilities. This circus might be completely different from the ones you saw as a child. The performances of troupes from all over the world will impress you with the contemporary twist they put on their craft. Want to learn the art? Join the motion workshops.

ArtVilnius International Contemporary Art Fair – 15-17 October 

Get acquainted with the works of contemporary Lithuanian and foreign artists. The 12th annual International Contemporary Art Fair promises special surprises, installations and performances. Don’t just look; take part in creative workshops, talk to the artists in person and find out what inspires them. Over 20,000 visitors make their way through some 60 art galleries representing 15 countries in three days. Who will be your favourite? Bonus tip: you can buy some new art to bring home.

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Banchetto Musicale – TBA

It’s not often you hear the most beautiful pieces of early music in Vilnius. It’s not only the famous classics, either. The festival, dedicated to medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music, dance and theatre, celebrates the anniversary dates of famous composers, prepares theatrical programs and holds special performances.

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Take to the sky over Vilnius
Take to the sky over Vilnius
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