Fly like a bird over the city

Over the years, hot air balloons have become a real signature sight in Vilnius, especially since it's the only capital city in Europe that allows these aircraft to float in its airspace.

The city’s giant open-air café vibe, open-air galleries, museums and active adventures await, all while safety measures are still on. There are so many exclusive and exciting things to do in Vilnius, including, of course, a hot-air balloon ride over the Old Town and its surrounding lush landscapes. What’s not to love?

Find out where you can see the balloons take off or how to book a ride on one.


Vilnius is unique among European capitals because hot air balloons can drift right over central town. Typically, their journey starts in one of the spots close to the Old Town so that, depending on the wind direction that day, they’d float over the historic centre and off towards the horizon.

Three spots make for excellent starting points:

  • the area beneath Bastion Hill that fits a small number of balloons;
  • Vingis Park with its big field that’s right next to the concert stage;
  • Žalgirio street 120 with its big field that’s right next to the business centre Park Town.

Take-off times and places are no secret – you’ll find them listed on Facebook by companies that operate the hot air balloons.

Going Up

If you’re interested in taking a ride on a hot air balloon, there’s no special preparation needed, other than charging your camera. The crews are knowledgeable and will guide you through the entire preparation process, as well as give you precise directions on finding the take-off spot, or even take you there by car.

Several companies offer hot air balloon rides in Vilnius and you’ll find them all listed here.

Typically, the price per person hovers around EUR 100, but there are occasional special offers and last-minute deals. For more information, simply contact one of the hot air balloon operators, who all have English-speaking staff.

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