The freedom of getting around

Vilnius is so much more than its famous UNESCO-listed Old Town – trying out some outdoor activities is always a must. With the Neris River flowing right through the city centre and numerous lakes nearby, taking an adventure on the water is easy. You can also head to the lush forests and meadows surrounding the city to breathe in the fresh air and spend the day outdoors. Ready to explore?

Kayak in the city centre

If you think paddleboards are too slow-paced, take a kayak on the Neris River or look for kayaking tours around Vilnius. Wave to the passersby on the bridges, observe the wildlife on the riverbanks and pass an occasional boat. Watch the sunset and kayak in the late evening with the city lights leading the way, or take on the challenge of kayaking at night.

Flow with the river

Discover a different method of sightseeing and admire Vilnius from the Neris River on a paddleboard. It’s easy, even if you don’t feel like being too active – simply stand, kneel or sit on the board and let the river take you to your destination while soaking in the views. GoSUP offers plenty of early morning and evening tours to choose from. Just make sure to book in advance. Go alone or with a group of friends – it will be equally enjoyable.

Hop on a wakeboard

Challenge yourself and slice through the water on a wakeboard or water skis. Even if you’ve never tried it before, you’ll be flying on water soon enough. The five wakeboard parks – Wake Way, WakeInn, WakeInn Vilnius, Wake Spot and Splash Wake Park – are ready to provide you with some thrills. What can be more refreshing on a hot summer day than jumping on water and in a lake? The family-friendly parks have several obstacles for different levels, so everyone can appreciate the entertainment. Making a reservation is a good idea because the parks are quite popular among locals.

Climb to the tops of trees

If water’s not your element, try extreme climbing at Belmontas Adventure Park and take in the picturesque panoramas you can observe from above the treeline. Or get on a 333-metre zip line to feel like you’re flying. There are six difficulty levels, so you can choose your own adventure. Once you’re done, explore the Pavilniai Regional Park and check out the nearby Pūčkoriai Dam.

Perfect your golf swing

Valleys and slopes are great for golfing. If you’re a Green Card holder or want to get your first taste of the game, visit the 18-hole European Centre Golf Club just a 30-minute drive from the centre of Vilnius. There is an active on-site academy and children are also welcome. Before returning to the city, make sure to take advantage of visiting the nearby geographical centre of Europe, which is where the golf club gets its name.

Explore nature

Take a hiking tour and discover the lakes, forests and regional parks near Vilnius. Join a group or walk alone – the travel routes are well-mapped and easily navigated. Breathe in the fresh air and explore the rural areas of the country. If you don’t have enough time to go outside of Vilnius, take a relaxing walk in the 160-hectare Vingis Park, right in the city. For something a little more challenging you can walk the new 100-km trail that circles Vilnius!

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Take to the sky over Vilnius
Take to the sky over Vilnius