Sights that’ll make your eyes light up

Make sure your camera is fully charged because you're in for a treat in Vilnius! From stunning panoramas to the urban jungle and modern art – it's all there, ready for a picture perfect shot any time of the day. What are you waiting for?

Gediminas Tower

Meet the icon of Vilnius, which is almost 700 years old. Find its best angle from the Old Town or climb atop for a fresh look at the city. You haven't truly visited Vilnius if you don't take this photo.

Bernardinai Garden

Welcome to the garden of... maybe it's not Eden, but it surely is a relaxing space in Vilnius Old Town. Admire the dancing fountain, create a jungle-themed photoshoot or beat the summer heat with a dip in the calm river. 

St. Johns' Church Bell Tower

Get high above Vilnius Old Town Vilnius – 45-metres high to be precise – for marvellous glimpses into the secret courtyards of the city. This is your chance to see take a peek behind the city’s curtain. Climb the 193 wooden steps if you're up for a challenge and you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

TV Tower

Seen from almost everywhere in Vilnius, the TV Tower is 326 metres tall and is taller than the Eiffel Tower! It used to be the tallest Christmas tree in Europe and its observation desk could now become the highest dance floor at 180 metres above the ground. Who would take on the challenge of showing their dance moves this high up with the wind is blowing in their hair?

Stikliai Street

Narrow, but filled with artistic charm, this street is full of eye candy. Don't put away your camera, you might turn up in a meadow, almost touch the clouds or find yourself in a fairy tale – all on one street.

Literatai Street

The authors of the world are available for a meet and greet on this street; you simply have to find them. It might take a while, as there are more than 200 unique tributes to various authors. Will you find your favourite author here?

Užupis Art Incubator

Cross a border in Vilnius and you’ll find yourself in the independent Republic of Užupis, which is overflowing with art in its streets and even in the river. There's always something new to capture your attention.

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A culture that never sleeps
A culture that never sleeps