Restaurant Mano Guru

Mano Guru is more than just food. By eating here, you will actually be helping others. Mano Guru is one of the first social businesses in Lithuania and has been operating since 2004. The mission of this salad bar is to implement the re-integration of people released from prisons or recovering addicts, making them full-fledged members of society and the labour market. This goal is achieved by providing professional training – as cooks, waiters, bartenders, providing psychological and social worker consultations. We invite you to join this socially responsible eating community.

Vilniaus g. 22, Vilnius 01402Google Maps
Working hours:

I-V: 8:00-21:00
VI-VII: 9:00-20:00


-10% discount for check with Vilnius Pass (Discount is not given for the alcoholic beverages, tobacco and offers with promotion)

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