The Way of St. James

In short

Although the most famous Way of St. James is in Spain, Lithuania joined the European Way of St. James network in 2016. Since then, 32 places marked by the symbol of St. James – a seashell – can be visited in Lithuania, including 11 Churches of St. James and other shrines. Each pilgrim can make their own route and observe wooden crosses along the way. The road stretching 500km across Lithuania is a living social, cultural and economic organism. Pilgrim accommodations and catering facilities operate at the stops.

You can also visit objects of the Way of St. James in Vilnius, such as the Chapel of the Gates of Dawn, the Church of St. Teresa, the Church of St. Apostles Philip and James, and the Dominican Monastery.

Brief History

The Way of St. James (in Spanish Camino de Santiago) is a Catholic pilgrim route to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain, where the Apostle James is believed to be buried. This way has been known since the Middle Ages and is over 1,000 years old.

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Worth to check

The Church Heritage Museum
The Church Heritage Museum

The unique Church Heritage Museum located in the Old Town of Vilnius will appeal not only to lovers of sacred art, but also to anyone interested in ancient Lithuanian culture.

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