Pilgrim Route of John Paul II

In short

John Paul II is the first pope to visit Lithuania. His 1993 visit provided great moral and diplomatic support to Lithuania after its restoration of independence, and strengthened the spirit of the nation and its pursuit of unity.

In honour of the Pope, the most important Lithuanian shrines were united in a pilgrimage route named after him. When taking the route, you will see the most famous sacral sites in the Archdiocese of Vilnius and get an introduction to the history of Lithuanian Catholicism, church art, architecture and traditions. 

Brief History

The Pilgrim Route of John Paul II includes the most important sacred objects the pope visited while in Lithuania, other sacred objects related to him, and sacred objects visited by pilgrims and tourists.


  1. Vilnius Cathedral Basilica St. Casimir Chapel
  2. The Gates of Dawn Chapel and the Church of St. Teresa
  3. Vilnius Calvary
  4. Trakai Church
  5. Pivašiūnai Church
  6. Marijampolė Basilica and Chapel in Lūginė
  7. Kaunas Cathedral Basilica
  8. Kaunas Church of the Resurrection of Christ
  9. Pažaislis Church and Monastery
  10. Šiluva Shrine
  11. Tytuvėnai Church and Monastery
  12. Šiauliai Cathedral
  13. The Hill of Crosses
  14. Samogitian Calvary Shrine
  15. Krekenava Basilica
  16. Klaipeda Mary Queen of Peace Church
  17. Rokiškis Church
  18. Šiauliai St. Ignacas Church

Worth to check

The Church Heritage Museum
The Church Heritage Museum

The unique Church Heritage Museum located in the Old Town of Vilnius will appeal not only to lovers of sacred art, but also to anyone interested in ancient Lithuanian culture.