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The highest location in Vilnius, the winter and summer amusement park Liepkalnis offers many different attractions.

In the cold season you can go skiing or snowboarding on the hill; and in the warmer months you can enjoy a 350-metre toboggan trail with tires. The amusement park is equipped with two summer mountain toboggan trails with a maximum speed of up to 40 km/h. Descending the mountain offers a spectacular panorama of the landscape of Pavilniai Regional Park, and you can see planes landing above the mountain.

You can also try off-road mountain scooters or clamber like Tarzan on different levels of climbing ropes. It's a blast to try joyful descents with inflatable tires (tubing), jump on trampolines, and have fun in the climbing park.

So no matter what time of year, Liepakalnis is always the place for adventures.

Brief History

Back in 1982, the highest point in Vilnius was Rokantiškės Hill (230 m above sea level) and Liepkalnis was 11 metres lower. Laimis Janutėnas, a ski enthusiast and founder of the Šlaitas Ski Club, had an idea to establish a ski trail on Liepkalnis. On his initiative, the mountain was cleaned up and significantly elevated. Laimis has "raised" the mountain for 18 years. The work of Janutėnas is commemorated – a memorial stone with the inscription “Laimio kalnas” was built on the hill, and the artificially elevated hill with ski trails is officially called Laimis Hill.

Today, Laimis Hill is the meeting point for skiing enthusiasts and the largest downhill skiing centre in Vilnius. There are 10 trails with varying degrees of difficulty. The trails are illuminated in the evening with a modern lighting system that extends the operational time of the trails until late night.

Liepkalnis offers a wide panorama of Vilnius – the Old Town, the Hill of Three Crosses and the TV Tower. Vilnius International Airport is located south of Liepkalnis. This is a great place to look at planes land and take off.

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