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The Miracle of Christmas Gifts

Santa should probably be doing his shopping in Vilnius! Local craftspeople, designers and artists have been working in their magical workshops all year long, creating unique gifts to put under the Christmas tree. Whether you're on the hunt for hip trends or looking for some heartwarming presents, the perfect gift awaits in Vilnius.

E-Christmas Village 

You can feel the Christmas atmosphere in this virtual E-Christmas Village. You will find many links to websites featuring Lithuanian creators, so you can buy original gifts without leaving your home. The virtual E-Christmas Village will be open from 1 December until the end of the festive season on 7 January.



If you want to decorate your home for the festive season, look no further than this online store – you’ll find ethnic decorations for windows, chandeliers and even mirrors. If you are looking for exclusive souvenirs for friends abroad, check out the stocking stuffers from Vilnius and Lithuania. Even children will enjoy an unusual collection of wooden beasts or puzzles.


Smells Like Spells

What creates a Christmas mood at home? Scents! Flickering candles will warm every corner of your house and the alluring aromas of plants or haute couture perfume are great for at-home aromatherapy rituals. Enjoy candles, incense, home fragrances and essential oils.


Kvapų namai

Turn to nature for great gifts for you and your loved ones – all-natural handmade cosmetics. Discover Lithuanian herbs – the cosmetics are made from as many as 15 local plants – as well as essential oils and cosmetics made using wild, ecologically and sustainably grown plants from different parts of the world.


My Little Nature

We’ve been staying home for quite a bit this year, so it’s nice to have a keepsake from nature. Give a special gift this Christmas, like earrings adorned with a piece of moss, a ring with dandelions or a bracelet with pine needles. Pendants with Baltic amber or seaside sand are perfect gifts for friends from other countries.



Original handmade porcelain jewellery made using a unique technology and easily adaptable to a wide range of clothing styles and people. There is a special connection to natural materials at FreakyFoxx Porcelain, but their jewellers are not afraid to break the rules, combining porcelain with gold, platinum and pearls. The jewellery is well-suited to brave personalities and people who want to bring a little oomph to their classic style.


Reda Paula

There might not be any festive parties this year, but you can still dress up at home! Ethical and sustainable fashion made using natural fabrics doesn’t have to be plain. Original cuts, exclusive clothes and a variety of colours will let you choose a special gift. Plus, you’ll be sure to contribute to slow and responsible fashion!



Nature-inspired tableware for a perfect Christmas table centrepiece or a wonderful gift. Each dish is unique because they are all made by hand. You will find cups, plates, spoons and bowls whose earthy shades or leaf imprints won’t leave you indifferent.



Surround yourself with warmth and feel the extremely gentle, warm and natural touch of the alpaca. Clothes and accessories made of ecological alpaca wool will keep you warm and cosy all winter. Share this warmth with your loved ones – they will definitely feel the Christmas spirit  while wrapped in an alpaca blanket with a cup of tea in their hand.



If you want more choices in one place and be able to buy different gifts for all your loved ones, you will find an array of Lithuanian creations in this online store. The clothes and accessories are wonderful, but you can also choose from perfumes, furniture and interior accessories by famous Lithuanian designers.


Fėjos namai

You don’t have to travel far to wake up in the jungle on Christmas morning – just change your bedding. Lithuanian bedding is great for special mornings all year round. You can choose from an abundance of patterns and colours, and place a made to measure order if you have an irregular size mattress or duvet.


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