Going Green in Vilnius: Sustainable Living in the City

Vilnius’ abundance of nature, old forests and picturesque hills make it one of the greenest capitals in Europe. But Vilnius is also going greener and becoming more sustainable, making it easier to preserve the environment and leave a smaller footprint. Even if you don’t think about it every day, the smallest of actions can make a difference. Try buying fresh produce from local farmers, shopping at bulk stores, raising your kids in an eco-friendly way, making friends with like-minded people, exchanging various household items and participating in clean-ups.

To make it even easier, check out this list of great sustainable stores and environmental events in Vilnius.


Even if sustainable living means reducing overall consumption, we still use many items on a day-to-day basis. Making smarter choices and buying organic, environmentally friendly products without sacrificing too much comfort is possible. Discover new products and ways of shopping in Vilnius.


If you want to leave a smaller footprint in the world, shopping at the zero-waste concept store Zeroteka will be a pleasure. The focus is more on producing less waste than recycling, so bring your own containers and enjoy guilt-free shopping! You can buy bulk products, organic cookies, spices, fruits and vegetables, detergents and cosmetics. Shop for local homemade or sustainable organic products from certified producers.

Location: Klaipėdos g. 3, Vilnius 
Website: www.facebook.com/zeroteka.lt 

Zeroteka | Facebook picture

Alpana Unpacked

The shelves of this store are filled with fresh veggies and dairy products from local farmers as well as organic and healthy food without packaging. Bea Johnson, the founder of the zero-waste movement, visited Alpana Unpacked while in Vilnius and put the store on her map. If you forget your container, you can borrow one from the special shelf in the store and even help out by leaving your own container for someone else to borrow.

Location: T. Kosciuškos g. 21, Vilnius
Website: www.alpana.lt

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Benedikto Turgus Market

Shopping at a market is a great way to experience local culture. Bring your bag and fill it with fresh local vegetables and fruit. Try some local cheese and taste gourmet products from farms all over the world: olives, olive oil, spices, fish, meat, coffee and other products from small farmers, organic farms and responsible producers.

Location: Ukmergės g. 259A, Vilnius
Website: www.benediktoturgus.lt

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Senatorių pasažas

This historical mansion in the heart of Vilnius Old Town is now a haven for sustainability and slow-living philosophy. Dine in a farm-to-table restaurant, shop for meat, cheese and vegetables from the local Farmers Circle organic farm, get a freshly baked pastry with your morning coffee and don’t rush. If you’re interested in a more thorough experience, you can always visit the Farmers Circle, which is less than 100 km away from Vilnius.

Location: Dominikonų g. 11, Vilnius
Website: www.senatoriupasazas.lt/

Heart Made Farm

Order fresh vegetables directly from this organic farm. Grown by a family using hand tools and lots of love, their vegetables are the best you can get. Plus, they can be delivered all year round to you plastic-free, either weekly or bi-weekly. You’ll also join a community of friends that is passionate about good food, nature and simple living.

Website: www.heartmadefarm.wixsite.com


Childhood is pure; let’s keep it this way. Clothing, furniture, interior details and other perfect gifts for little ones are made of sustainable materials: recycled plastic, FSC, OEKO-TEX certified and GOTS-compliant materials. Raising children can be fun and environmentally friendly.

Location: Verkių g. 29F, Vilnius
Website: www.umumu.lt


They say one person's trash is another person's treasure, which is especially true at this cosy shop. Leave some things you don’t need or get into a thrifty mood. Look for clothes, shoes, household items, interior details, books and other smaller items waiting for a new home. Participate in the open workshops to experience the joy of reusing and crafting.

Location: Liepkalnio g. 113B, Pilaitės pr. 50
Website: www.stoteledekui.lt


Community is important when trying to live a more sustainable life. Exchanging things and ideas, growing food in a community garden, learning together and sharing knowledge make a difference. These are your go-to places in Vilnius if you’re looking for like-minded people

Miesto Laboratorija Community Centre

Drop by this cafe housed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly educational community centre. Freshly prepared breakfast, lunch or coffee breaks will enrich your day. It’s an authentic local experience whenever you visit. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there’s fresh bread and pastries, and on Fridays, you’ll find a farmers market. See creativity blooming in the hydroponic garden and join the educational programs on sustainability and zero-waste.

Location: Antakalnio g. 17-13, Vilnius 
Website: www.miestolaboratorija.lt


This is your guide to finding vegan food around town. There are plenty of options – the guide has a great collection of cafes, bistros and restaurants that serve vegan dishes. You can select a place that’s closest to you or discover new spots to try different plant-based recipes. Take a flavour journey around Vilnius.

Website: www.augalybe.lt/

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