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Discoveries in Vilnius - the Hip Station District

Fancy a romantic train ride? Want to dance at a concert by the railroad tracks? Up for reading a book or listening to some music on a platform? Vilnius’ train station and the whole district around it are open for whatever you have in mind. Visit the most fashionable area of ​​the city, where creative energy turns into bright ideas, free concerts, new flavours, and contemporary projects. What should you expect from a place that never sleeps?

The legendary clubs

Peronas Bar is perched right along the railroad tracks. You can’t miss the huge statue of James Gandolfini that stands right outside it, surrounded by crowds of people chatting over drinks. The terrace under the high roof is the perfect place to listen to live bands or hide from the overheated city centre.

Hostel Jamaika is another hotspot famous for its trademark parties filled with contemporary art, a relaxed atmosphere, and a mixed international crowd. Not too far from the station, famous Lithuanian and foreign performers regularly raise the roof at the legendary Club Kablys.

Bars inviting from afar

Vijokliai Beer Garden terrace is an ideal spot to relax on a warm summer evening. Or you can look for the small neon sign next to a set of stairs leading to a basement and end up at Love Bar, home to some of the best cocktails in town. Further along if you see some plastic yellow curtains draped over a door and people standing around, you’re in the right place – the bar Deveti is great for pre-parties, parties and after parties.

Relaxing in the train station waiting area

Even if you aren’t going anywhere, go to the train station waiting area to read a book or play the piano. When people rush and the setting changes so quickly, it’s easy to relax and stay in the moment. If you have more time, visit the Railway Museum to learn more about history, see authentic relics, or explore spectacular railroad miniatures.

Late breakfast after a good party

When the party goes until morning, great food will get you back on track. The station district is known for some of the seriously best brunches in Vilnius. Holigans offer you the heartiest of brunches that are balanced for vegans and vegetarians. 

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