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Vilnius Station District: a place of cultural and gastronomic journeys

The station district of Vilnius is experiencing a true Renaissance – once a hostile area, it’s been reborn as a lively district full of culture and an inviting area for people to work and live. Discover contemporary art and previously private areas hiding astonishing symbols of the city, just around the corner from the Old Town. Before getting on a train or a bus, enjoy a different kind of journey in Vilnius’ station district.

Discovering the old and creating the new

Did you know that Vilnius Train Station was built in 1862 for trains travelling from Saint Petersburg to Warsaw, and the current building was built in 1950? The historical building helps preserve the district’s old charm, which includes icons like Halės Market and the surrounding Art Nouveau buildings.

Street art is also finding its place in this area. Among them is a mural made by artist brothers Os Gemeos, who wanted to perpetuate the memory of their Lithuanian grandfather. A bit further along, the building on Kaunas St. 1 features an exceptional mural depicting blue birds, created by Sepe & Chazme, a duo from Warsaw. And just in front of Halės Market you will find a masterpiece made by Millo – a mural capturing various scenes of everyday city life.

Even more unique street art can be found at the Open Gallery, a project created by the Loftas art incubator, which presents urban culture in an original way and brings some new life to the post-industrial neighbourhood of Naujamiestis.

Experience the joy of travelling

To feel the unique atmosphere of the train station, visit the bar Peronas, which is located on one of the station platforms. As one of the bar owners says, “The rails don’t sleep on weekends.”

What’s more, you can experience a futuristic way of travelling right in front of Vilnius Train Station. The area is home to the pOrtal, an installation that looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. The pOrtal allows people to see real-time video of Lublin, Poland. Stop by to say hi to our neighbours there.

Many places to party

Many extraordinary bars, restaurants, concert venues and alternative events are thriving in Vilnius’ station district. If you’re looking for live culture and exceptional experiences, this is the place to be. Kablys is an original and well-known venue that hosts concerts and is a favourite among locals. Loftas can be found further down the street and is officially one of Lithuania’s most active cultural hotspots full of concerts, events, performances, conferences and parties that last until dawn. Another party location is Youngs’ Club, which is hosted in Halės Market.

Gourmet discoveries

Another place worth mentioning is Halės Market on Pylimo Street. This is the oldest market in Vilnius, and comes with a wealth of history and traditions. Locals have been going there for fresh produce ever since it opened in 1906, and now it’s also full of gourmet dishes.

While discovering the district and admiring the street art and the old building, don’t forget to stop at one of the many cafes for a good breakfast or brunch, like the popular bakery Druska, miltai, vanduo.

Worth to check

Worth to check

Discoveries in Vilnius - The Hip District
Discoveries in Vilnius - The Hip District

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Užupis: a Republic Inside Vilnius
Užupis: a Republic Inside Vilnius

The district declared independence on 1 April 1997, as if to underline the humorous nature of the whole affair.

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