Portraits of Quarantine

The modern technology allows you to have a proper photoshoot, never mind a global pandemic. All you need to do is open your window.
It can get quite lonely, boring and dangerously depressive in isolation, even if you have people around you. But sometimes all it takes to brighten one’s day is a professional photoshoot.

And how exactly you might ask can you do a professional photoshoot safely in a pandemic? Of course – by flying a drone to people’s homes.

"An original idea can eliminate any problem, and there is nothing better than the positive connection it produces. It might be a cheerful photo of a lady by the window, who is grateful just for being able to put some makeup on, or a pictured family fiesta in the balcony, where a boy’s boring birthday is suddenly turned into a joyous visit from a drone. In the end, what matters the most is the emotion." Adas Vasiliauskas, Portraits of Quarantine photographer.

The initiative quickly became viral, with coverage on BBC, ABC and other prominent TV channels, as well as more than 300 online articles, reaching over 200 million people all across the world.

But most importantly, around 170 family and single portraits were taken in the balconies and through apartment windows, all telling their own unique story of self-isolation

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