Gediminas Legion

It is not enough to have professionals deal with any crisis, in particular a global pandemic. A single call of help can bring common people to volunteer for a greater good.
When the pandemic hit, it was plain that to solve the problem the world will need everyone working towards the same goal. What was not so plain was how to bring people together and whether we are willing at all to give our time and effort to combat the crisis.

As it turned out, humans are intrinsically cooperative beings, so all you need is a little bit of organizational skills and off they go. Sometimes this can result in something like Gedimino legionas – a volunteer group dedicated to aiding those who need help the most at any cost.

"Though our group was formed last year as an initiative to resist a potential hybrid war by hunting down fake news, this year, in the face of pandemic, it found its true purpose. Vilnius is guarded by Gediminas Legion, uniting ordinary people, ready to tackle all kinds of tasks. They do so for themselves, for their city and its citizens."Agnė Svipė, project coordinator.

The volunteers engage in a variety of activities – they take care of seniors by helping them with shopping and informing them about the need to stay home through posters, flyers and drones.

The 4500-strong group also provides help to overloaded medical staff, raises funds for protective equipment and respirators, and sometimes even walks the doctors’ and nurses' dogs.

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