Vilnius Integration in Hybrid Events

Even if delegates are currently not able to visit Vilnius in person, incorporating the city into a virtual programme is a great way to personalise an event, encourage registration and networking, and build a legacy for the future.
Go Vilnius team is ready to provide a very personal approach and support for every meeting professional, navigating to the industry’s ever-changing environment.

Build a Connection

Make Vilnius a fixture of your event by highlighting the relationship between your conference and the city. Take some time to focus on the individuals and organisations in Vilnius contributing to the success of the event while paying special attention to how your industry is making a difference in the local context.

  • The hosts of event would be happy to make a short welcome video for delegates sharing their favourite parts of the city.

Present Vilnius

Bring the beauty and one-of-a-kind aesthetic of Vilnius to delegates, no matter where they are. Photos and videos of the city can help establish a narrative that runs through an event, make breaks more engaging and inspire people to plan future visits. Vilnius Convention Bureau has access to an array of exceptional pictures and videos.

  • Why not to add Vilnius into your meeting or streaming background?

Experience Vilnius

Exploring a host city is always one of the best parts of any event. So why not plan some activities outside of the regular sessions? Consider having a chef guide delegates as they cook a local recipe, offering dance lessons during breakouts, or even organising a virtual tour to a museum, like Vilnius’ iconic and stunning MO Museum.

  • Encourage delegates to share videos or pictures of their experience!

Gifts from Vilnius

Vilnius Convention Bureau would be happy to send delegates small souvenirs, such as post card, either before or after an event. Moreover, delegates can always take advantage of all the online shopping opportunities in Vilnius and order souvenirs like local snacks, linen goods or personalised Lithuanian perfume.

  • Consider giving your speakers gifts containing the flavours of Vilnius!

Social-Responsibility Message

As a tech-savvy city, Vilnius offers impact-friendly venues and AV solutions for virtual studios. Encourage your delegates to make social donations to one of the local organisations or submit hackathon ideas to address sector-related challenges. Participants may be particularly receptive to a big-picture message that emphasizes helping the wider industry or a particular group in need.

  • Set an impact activity target and stream your progress live to delegates during the event.

Vilnius Convention Bureau looks forward to offering further information on city content, suppliers and experiences. [email protected] 

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