Safety Measures

Though quarantine restrictions have been considerably relaxed in Lithuania, the nationwide quarantine has been extended until mid-June and both residents and visitors to the city are expected to adhere to the health and safety guidelines still in place.

Face Masks

Although not mandatory, wearing a face mask in outdoor public spaces is still recommended. However, covering your face outdoors is still mandatory in markets and other shops and places of commerce, events, tours, as well as on public transport and at stops and stations.

Restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs

As of 1 June, all indoor establishments, including restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, casinos and entertainment venues, have been allowed to open between 08:00 and 23:00. Indoor establishments need to ensure a space of five sq. m. per person. Moreover, the Municipality of Vilnius has invited restaurants, bars and cafes to make use of public spaces so customers can be served outdoors. As such, the heart of Vilnius has taken on an open-air cafe vibe.

Spas, swimming pools and other activities

Spas, swimming pools, bowling alleys, billiard halls, golf courses, tennis courts, shooting ranges, wakeboarding parks, museums and observation towers are open. General safety requirements apply.  Excursions and tours must allow for a 2 m distance between participants.