Vilnius One Giant Outdoor Café

Have you ever seen an outdoor café sprawled across an entire city? You just might see one in Vilnius, especially with the city declaring that it’s taking a step further in helping its cafés and restaurants, which have been allowed to reopen this week as part of Lithuania’s gradual exit from coronavirus lockdown.

Vilnius has different flavour to suit everyone’s food cravings, but one fact is true for all – food tastes better outdoors. Take in every ray of sun in Vilnius, a city that has transformed into a large open-air restaurant, and piece together a gourmet puzzle made of exclusive dinners, unique places, Old Town views, and starry skies.

Vilnius – a city of flavours

Discovering the history of Vilnius through its culinary heritage is a must. The streets of the UNESCO-listed Old Town are filled with aromas from all over the world, hinting at contemporary flavour combinations and modern food preparation techniques. Locally sourced produce pleases the taste buds with a delicious array of flavours and textures. Let the budding food scene take you on delicious flavour-filled adventures starring seasonal cuisine and unique culinary experiences.

Street food with a twist

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of eating outdoors? Street food! With so many street food options in Vilnius, the hardest part is deciding what to eat. From wraps, burgers and spicy stews to an impressive variety vegan options, get your fix at one of the pop-up food markets or independent food trucks dotted around Vilnius Old Town. Eating your food with a view is a welcome experience after an extended period of sitting at home and making banana bread.

Cuisine you won’t soon forget

But it’s not only street food that Vilnius can be proud of. The city is home to innovative award-winning restaurants that are ready to delight your taste buds and expand your palate. Plus, you can finally take advantage of the food you can’t really make at home. International cuisine, elaborate culinary experiments, traditional and reimagined Lithuanian food, and tasty vegan dishes – the options are endless. It doesn’t get better than this – open-air restaurant food is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Coffee to open up your eyes

People in Vilnius started drinking coffee in the early to the mid-17th century, though the city has upped its coffee game considerably since then. A growing number of cafés are putting a lot of emphasis on the origin and quality of the beans they use. Now, the smell of fresh coffee coming from the roasteries fills the streets. All you have to do is choose your preferred brewing method and get that perfect caffeine fix. Take your coffee on a walk to combine the flavour profiles with picture perfect views of the city.

A drink with a view

Vilnius is a veritable paradise for beer lovers. Local craft beer is everywhere and microbreweries are bringing their brews to the next level to keep up with demands. Beer aside, Vilnius has an extensive selection of cocktail bars, so you’re welcome to do the rounds and find your new favourite cocktail. Professional mixologists promise to impress with classic and more unusual flavour combinations. Here’s to a pleasant evening under the stars.

Important points to remember

The most important thing to remember is that you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others, and must always follow the general safety guidelines:

  • Only 2 people or family members can sit at a table while visiting a catering establishment
  • You should wear a mask when not eating or drinking
  • Use contactless payment methods or bank cards
  • Disinfect and wash your hands regularly and keep a safe distance from others

Enjoy your food responsibly and stay safe!


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Vilnius has a long history of being open to diverse cultures and their culinary traditions, and this has never been truer of the curious city than it is today.

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