November 27, 2023

Sustainable Christmas Destination: Vilnius Welcomes Travelers to Explore Eco-Conscious Gems

With sustainable traveling remaining one of the priorities of eco-conscious tourists, Vilnius offers different ways to explore, experience, and taste the city sustainably this holiday season.

November 27, 2023. Recently elected the European Green Capital for 2025, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is welcoming sustainability-focused travelers to spend their Christmas holidays in a more environmentally friendly manner. Sustainable travel has been the priority for 69% of this year’s travelers as people have become increasingly aware of the need to inject more eco-conscious practices into their travel plans. 

Travelers searching for more eco-friendly holiday experiences without compromising on authentic explorations will find numerous sustainable ways to get around and shop for presents in Vilnius.

Getting around the conscious way

Vilnius’ streets are especially friendly to visitors who like to go around on foot. The shops, restaurants, and landmarks are situated within walkable distances, therefore making it easy to do multiple tours around Christmas markets which will take place in Cathedral Square and different shopping centers. Also, an international charity market will be hosted in the Town Hall while an alternative Christmas town will pop up in Liepkalnis Water Storage.

Sustainable explorations of the city start after landing at the airport. Since it is only 20 minutes away from the city center, there is no need to add to the traffic emissions. Travelers that are keen on faster means of getting around, can hop on electric scooters or use a car-sharing system. In fact, Vilnius has collaborated with businesses to establish a Shared Mobility Hub that promotes car-sharing services, reduces the number of vehicles in the streets, and urges the city’s residents and visitors to commute more sustainably. 

Vilnius is also expanding its environmentally friendly travel options by offering train routes that bring travelers from the city to neighbors Warsaw, Kraków, and Riga. 80K Polish travelers have visited Vilnius over the past nine months, and the opportunity to come for a visit more sustainably may further increase the numbers. Simultaneously, Latvian residents are increasingly interested events, especially the holiday-themed ones, in Vilnius, therefore the new train route to Riga will allow them a more eco-conscious way of popping over. 

Soon the city will introduce new environmentally friendly means of transport—hydrogen-powered public buses that will circulate the streets and contribute to reaching Vilnius’ climate neutrality goals. 

Eco-conscious dining discoveries

Sustainability-forward attitude is well reflected in Vilnius’ gastro scene which boasts modern cuisine where fresh, seasonal produce is the highlight of any dish. Numerous restaurants, scattered all over the city within walkable distances offer vegan dining experiences.

Senators’ Passage helps visitors to have a festive yet sustainable food experience. Set up in the 400-year-old mansion in the heart of the city, the venue celebrates quality food as many fresh ingredients come from the venue’s own farm. The Senators’ Passage has been already bedecked with a Christmas tree and thousands of lights for the holiday season and hosts a bakery, butchery, farm, natural vine bar, and two farm-to-table restaurants Nineteen18 and 14horses where local produce shines in flavor-bursting creations. The patrons of the venue have the opportunity to also try out holiday street food, and hot drinks and listen to festive music while 14horses will have a special New Year’s menu to celebrate the new chapter. 

RoseHip Vegan Bistro combines a stylish interior with healthy dishes that stem from different cuisines. The patrons are treated to Buddha bowls, vegan bao buns, tempeh sandwiches, and many more healthy options. 

Travelers eager to try out fresh produce straight from the source can visit Halės Market, one of the oldest markets in the city. From organic vegetables, dairy, fresh meat, fish, honey, and bread to homemade goods, the market beckons to sample the consciously sourced delicacies and bring some as gifts. 

Sustainable festive activities around town

The annual Christmas Town, which will operate throughout December in Cathedral Square, will inject the holiday mood into all travels to Vilnius this season. The artisanal market is the place to source sustainable and homemade goods for gifts like hand-crafted mittens, organic honey, baked treats, and herbal teas concocted from the country’s natural bounty.  

Scenic routes coiling around Vilnius offer different ways to discover the city in a sustainable way. 

The 15th-century Bernardine Gardens right in the center of the city are especially enchanting during the holidays when the area is decked in decorations and lights to make it a cozy hangout spot. The entire Vilnius radiates the soft glow of the Christmas lights in the weeks leading up to the holidays, and roaming its decorated streets might be the sustainable activity visitors are yearning for. 

For nature-bound adventures, Vilnius invites visitors to take a holiday cheer-filled walk in its woodland areas. At 65 meters, Pūčkoriai Exposure is the highest exposure in the country and invites its visitors to enjoy expansive views of the Vilnia River, the lush forest of Pavilniai Regional Park, the Belmontas Mill, and the Pūčkoriai Manor. 

The top meeting spot for the residents and visitors and a green concert arena throughout the summer months, Vingis Park is as enticing in cold months. Visitors can opt for a leisure stroll along the wintry paths, relaxing in the pine-scented ambiance.