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With half a century of expertise behind it, the laser industry in Vilnius is renowned for delivering innovative solutions to the likes of NASA, CERN, and companies such as IBM, Hitachi & Toyota. And the sector continues to grow and innovate, with Lithuanian lasers products being exported worldwide.  

Laser sector companies in Vilnius

Source: Lithuanian laser association, 2019

13% growth

In the last five years

Source: Lithuanian laser association, 2019

Over 1000

Specialists employed in the sector

Source: Enterprise Lithuania, 2020


Of production is exported

Source: Lithuanian laser association, 2019

Over 60

Countries where products are exported

Source: Lithuanian laser association, 2019

Laser sector achievements

  • One of the most powerful laser systems in the world SYLOS, which began work at Hungary’s Laser Research Centre in 2019, was built by two major Lithuanian laser manufacturers Ekspla and Light Conversion.
  • The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is establishing an incubator in Vilnius - the first one in Central and Eastern Europe. Employees of businesses to be based at the Sunrise Valley will have access to CERN research centres and their technical assistance and consultations.
  • 90 out of Top 100 universities in the world (QS Ranking) are using Lithuanian lasers and laser systems. Lithuanian laser products have been chosen by NASA, CERN and world-renowned companies including IBM, Hitachi, Toyota and Mitsubishi. (Source: Invest Lithuania, 2019)
  • The local laser sector generated around 1% of the world’s laser revenues of €13.8 billion in 2018. (Source: Lithuanian laser association, 2019)


Companies already in Vilnius


Other key sectors

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